NComputing L250 Access Device

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Buy NComputing L250 access device online from Server Basket for the cheapest price possible. This is the best deal that we are offering compared to any other online store. NComputing L250 device is suitable for every business like call centers, offices, factories, schools and colleges etc. Get your business this virtual desktop which can be attached to the monitor easily and can be accessed by many users, for the lowest price and minimal your operational costs along with power usage costs as L250 requires only 5Watts. Buy today from Server Basket and avail the best discounts.

Basic Device

The NComputing L250 device is the Basic level addition on to the L-series of Ncomputing virtual desktops. With the use of L250 more than 100 users can use the same allocated vSpace server, and it will feel like they are using their own PCs. L250 is a basic device with max resolution of 1200 x 900 (16:9). LComputing L250 can be attached to the back of the monitor with VESA-compliant mounting bracket. L250 comes with a microphone port but the company has not included enhanced audio feature in this basic device. Video post of NComputing L250 is VGA supported.</p> <p>Power consumption of NComputing L250 is very less (5W), with this savings one can pay for the device within a year. L250 has no moving part and all the data and programs are on the centrally hosted vSpace server. Also any performance upgrades made on the server will automatically better the performance that is experienced by all the connected users because the user applications are running on the server.

Supports Multiple Platforms Windows

Ncomputing L250 device includes powerful vSpace virtualization software. L250 device supports multiple windows platforms for vSpace server which include- Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2 U1, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2016 (Multipoint Services), Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), and Windows 10 (64-bit) along with Ubuntu 10.04.04 & Ubuntu 10.04.2 platforms.

Centralized Management

The L250 device is a zero management client. Once it is deployed, there are no software applications or drivers to manage on the device. L250 vSpace Server can centrally handle firmware adjustments without requiring user monitoring. Centralize the management of your existing software applications, operating systems, and deploy thin clients L250. With centralized management system ensure safe centralized updates, provide faster technical support efficiently without disrupting your users.

Better Performance

The L-series thin client L250 device has the potential and suppleness to work in a wide range of environments and also in the way you want it to work for. It redefines the best performance delivery and value for zero-client or thin-client devices bringing up an ideal and a complete solution which can be used at less than half the PCs cost and with savings of up to 75% operational costs and power savings of up to 90%. L250 is apt in providing full multimedia rich desktop experience without any delay. L250 can be used for industry leading applications without any hassle or issues and it is also compatible with server virtulaization solution.

Suitable For Everyone

L250 device is an ideal solution for everyone. Majorly it is ideal for offices, schools, colleges, call centers, brand offices, task workers and factories etc. Ncomputing L250 being a basic device serves the best when the usage is minimal and only for a specific task rather than to buy a dedicated PCs that would cost more and is of less usage. Then NComputing L250 is the best solution for these purposes where you invest less and your job is done right.

Lowest Price

Server Basket offers the L250 device at the lowest possible price compared to any other online store. L250 is very economical, its costs half the cost of PCs and saves up to 75% of operational costs and 90% of power usage costs. L250 is risk-free, secure and easily manageable devices. Avail this device for the best buy price from Server Basket today and experience the no dedicated PC environment at less investment.

24x7 Technical Support

Server Basket provide 24/7 support to its customers, respond back within no time to clear and resolve all the queries. Server basket is known best for its technical assistance, faster and quicker. We are ready and prompt in solving any issue occurred during the installation process of vSpace, login problem, or during the cause of L250 usage related to configuring of firewall and antivirus, online registration issues, integration of VMware, windows, Linux, Citrix servers, configuring of IP address and network, ease of access between client and server and many more. Immediately contact us via live chat, phone call or mail. We will definitely respond and resolve in no time.

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