On Premises Cloud

  • Data Hosted on Premises
  • Access Any time
  • No Down Time
  • Utmost Flexibility Than Private Cloud
  • Lowest Price
  • Quick Access to Server
  • Better Control and Data Security:
  • Best Internal Solution for Hosting

Buy On-Premises Cloud At Best Price in India Online, Get Faster Access to the ON-Premise Cloud at your Office Space to fulfil all needs related to deployment, Faster access to Data etc

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Product Overview

Looking for an internal solution for your hosting needs? Then it is good to choose on premise cloud which can be hosted within your own office. On premises cloud allows you to have full control of your infrastructure and you often have more flexibility since it is completely controlled in-house. You can customize the hardware as per your business requirements. On-premise cloud best suits for the applications that require complete control along with the configuration of the infrastructure and security.  Server Basket provides on premises cloud at best price in India with Free Installation support and 24/7 support.

Data Hosted on Premises

The application you use and all the data associated with it is stored on a server within your office environment. Physical servers and applications are stored at your site which guarantees the maximum level of security to your data. Hosting data on premises is very important in this era of strict data protection laws and rise in users concerns over privacy.

Access Any time

Get physical access to any information located on a server in your own data center. You can access the server any time as the on premises cloud is installed locally within your office environment. By enabling the remote monitoring feature, you can access on premises cloud and the applications hosted on it from any place outside your office.

No Down Time

Get best in class on premises cloud server with no downtime from Server Basket that keeps your application or business always running. Our Zero downtime on premise cloud solution has been designed from the ground to up to simplify high availability disaster avoidance.

Better Control and Data Security

With an on-premises cloud, businesses can retain all their important data and are fully in control of what happens to it. On premise cloud is the best choice for companies that have sensitive data. Banking industries and financial organizations must have a high level of privacy and security that an on-premises cloud server provides.

Lowest Price

Server Basket offers scalable and cost-effective on premises cloud plans that enhance your business operations. We not only provide on premises cloud at the lowest price in India but also deliver sustainable services with maximum uptime and reliability. We have chosen to charge for an affordable fee rather than a high one-off cost.

24/7 Tech Support

Rest easy knowing that Server Basket will look after you. Our support department is staffed by skilled techies who work 24/7 in shifts. If you have any queries related to on premises cloud or need any help regarding any issues, do not hesitate to contact us via phone call, email or live chat on our website. We are here to provide troubleshooting tips and helpful information when you need it the most.


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