Dedicated Server for Work From Home (WFH)

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  • OS Compatibility
  • Two factor Authentication
  • High Security
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • 100% Uptime
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Robust Security
  • Free Technical Assistance
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Dedicated Server Plans For Work From Home (WFH)

Plan IDProcessorCores / ThreadsRAMStorageBandwidthPrice/MonthBuy Now
DS-11 x E5-26206C / 12T32GB DDR32 x 500GB SSD with RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 6,999/-
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DS-21 x E5-2650 v28C / 16T32GB DDR32 x 500GB SSD with RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 7,999/-
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DS-31 x E5-2680 v312C / 24T64GB DDR42 x 1TB SSD with RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 11,999/-
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DS-41 x E5-2680 v312C / 24T128GB DDR43 x 1TB SSD with RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 14,999/-
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DS-52 x E5-2680 v324C / 48T256GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 2 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 19,999/-
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DS-62 x E5-2680 v324C / 48T384GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 3 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 24,999/-
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DS-72 x E5-2696 v336C / 72T384GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 3 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 29,999/-
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DS-82 x E5-2696 v336C / 72T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 34,999/-
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DS-92 x E5-2696 v444C / 88T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 39,999/-
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DS-102 x Intel Gold 614840C / 80T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 54,999/-
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DS-112 x AMD EPYC 7742128C / 256T1TB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 1.92TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 99,999/-
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Are you wondering how your employees can work from home (WFH) effectively while being away from the professional office environment? Are you worrying about serving your clients and operating your business with so many of your employees away from their office desks? If you are looking at an effective home shift work adjustment or are involved in freelance work, Server Basket’s dedicated server for WFH is the right solution for you. To get the maximum performance even from the employees working at home and reduce the impact of price, opt for our dedicated hosting for work from home. We provide unlimited virtual machine (VM) access for your employee requirement, depending on the server resources. It has been analyzed and established that keeping remote personnel reduces your business costs considerably and gives employees also a better work-life balance. Our WFH server hosting offers exclusive features like employee monitoring, compatible operating systems (OS), high-end security and two-factor authentication (2FA). Our cost-efficient solution also provides instant activation, the highest uptime, unmetered bandwidth and round the clock free technical support. We offer a consolidated server environment with VMs that allows all of your employees to work using standard servers and applications.

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is an important component for any business. We help you monitor every employee of your organization by tracking their logins, work hours, etc. Our real-time reporting enables you to maintain your employees’ utilization reports, schedule possible downtimes, and keep track of the success of your team. If you would like to track your employees continuously, we also give you the option to integrate remote employee tracking tools, necessary to ensure the effectiveness of their work.

Compatible Operating System

OS compatibility is one of the key features our WFH server provides you. Whatever OS you need for your workloads, whether Windows, Unix or Linux, or any other depending upon the applications your employees use, we provide you a compatible platform with our dedicated server for WFH. Our server OS can cater to multiple clients simultaneously and is very effective in carrying out the operations and services that your employees perform for your clients.

Instant Activation Service

Do not assume that your WFH employees will have more IT concerns, being away from the office. We understand the importance of promptness in your business; we offer an instant activation service for temporary or full-time new employees. We provide an instant provision and access of their login credentials for new accounts in just some easy clicks. We also set up a single or multi-sign on for their access to the apps for their everyday work.

Two-Factor Authentication

Security of your employees and data is our priority. To avoid any duplication and for better security, we provide a robust security process of 2FA in which the users have to furnish two distinct authentication factors for their verification, like a mobile device like phone along with the user ID and password. This two-step verification protects both – the users’ credentials and the resources they need to access.


Our dedicated server for WFH is a price-effective solution for you to succeed in WFH arrangements for your employees as it will reduce your costs considerably. You won’t have to pay for space, network infrastructure, hardware assets, office supplies, and utilities, etc. required for office locations. Allowing your employees to telework helps in reducing attrition. It’s costly to replace and upskill new employees, so businesses can retain them longer by introducing WFH as an incentive.

Robust Security

Server Basket applies the highest measures and standards for security when providing custom VMs for our clients. Our servers are more secure as they are connected to strong firewalls and are also backed by IDS and IPS. With our virtual servers, your data is safe and more strictly monitored, maintained, and managed by our network admins, server engineers, and security personnel who work around the clock and protect our server infrastructure.

100% Uptime Assurance

We completely understand how important it is for your business that your WFH employees remain available online and the applications that they use, operational. Our dedicated server for WFH is supported by the complete SLA level to ensure that there is no single point of failure. We consistently deliver guaranteed 100% uptime of the server network as our servers are hosted in hi-tech data centres. This results in the highest availability of your employees or the service.

No Limit for Bandwidth

Our WFH server hosting is a high-level bandwidth solution. Your VMs will give higher performance as they will keep functioning with our unlimited bandwidth and higher network connectivity, allowing your applications to operate optimally, despite an outage, any error, or any other crisis. We do not have any monthly caps on bandwidth or charge you extra for your high bandwidth use. Unlimited bandwidth results in significantly faster data transfer speeds and greater contentment for your employees.

24/7 Free Tech Assistance

Our experienced technical support team will assist you in the complete setup procedure of building your VMs on our dedicated WFH server interface. You can start working as soon as you receive the login details for your VM on our server. Our team will also help in maintaining your accounts and applying security-related updates. They are available to provide you free support 24/7 through email, live chat, and phone for all your queries and issues.

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  1. 01

    by Shrihan Singha

    Really very good response I got 24/7 support it was really very helpful in this lockdown situation, i really felt very budget friendly and also i never got Bandwidth issue or Uptime issue


Why to select a Dedicated server for Work from Home ?

A dedicated server for WFH gives you complete control over the machine so that you can customize it for your specific requirements. You pay for just one dedicated virtual server but can create multiple virtual machines for your employees.

How can DS for Work from Home benefit my Business?

The control of the DS is in your hand. Your IT staff can control the server, its operating systems and applications. Your employees are monitored 24/7 for their activities and logs are created for record and to track their success.

What about server security?

We apply the highest standards of security for our DS for WFH. Our servers are secured with strong firewalls and are also backed by IDS and IPS. We take security very seriously when providing custom VMs for our clients.

Is my data secure in Dedicated Server?

Your data is more secure and strictly monitored and managed by our server engineers, network admins and security personnel who work continuously to protect our server infrastructure. You can also customize the server to meet your security and compliance requirements.

Do I get support for my VM?

Our expert technical support team assists you in the complete setup of your VMs on our dedicated WFH server platform. We also provide 24/7 support to address any of your requests or issues through chat, phone call or email.

Should I pay for all Vms?

Our DS for WFH is a cost-effective solution for you to run WFH arrangement for your employees successfully and reduces your costs considerably. No, you pay only for the base machine used to further create numerous virtual machines.

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