Power MTA Bulk/Mass Mail Server

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  •  Send Unlimited Emails
  •  Flexible for SMTP or API Integration
  • Interspire Addons
  • Low Price Email Marketing Solution
  • Ultimate Infrastructure
  • Unlimited Bulk Mailing, Email Marketing
  •  Affordable price guarantee
  • Top Email Marketing Services In India
  • Bulletproof Security
  • Custom Application Installation Support
  •  Ticket Support at any time
  •  Unlimited bandwidth

Send unlimited transactional or commercial mass mails using SMTP server
with free mailing applications, Interspire addons, 24/7 support at an affordable price, we are the best fully managed email marketing, bulk mail server online services provider in India.



CPU Cores1224
Dedicated Ip's481216
HDD50 GB100 GB150 GB200 GB
RDNS, DKIM, SPFFreeFreeFreeFree
Send Emails/Hour/IP500/Hr/IP500/Hr/IP500/Hr/IP500/Hr/IP
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Are you in search of cheap and affordable Power MTA mass/bulk mail server? We provide the top best reliable service ensuring with 100% uptime. We offer multi-language and user-friendly support. You can now securely send unlimited bulk/mass emails for free by installing dedicated Power MTA. To have this dedicated Power MTA, you need not have a dedicated server.

Unlimited Emails

Send unlimited emails, bulk/mass emails at a lower price. We are the one among the best to provide you a top quality service. We provide our service in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai cities at cheap prices.

Free Power MTA support

We offer free and unlimited Power MTA support for all our customers. We have designed exclusively for the intelligence, control, and greater efficiency. You can verify the email campaign performance through MTA. We also provide Power MTA support for mass email marketing.

IP rotation

We provide IP rotation method for a smooth outgoing Internet traffic and extensive setup for handling bulk or mass mail server. IP rotation maintains the internet traffic, prevents spamming and blacklisting messages. It mainly reduces the blacklisted IPs from the bulk mail server.

Powerful configuration

We provide unlimited emails with Bulk SMTP account, dedicated email server, free SMTP server for configuring the bulk/mass mail server. The SMTP services ensure the highest deliverability and prevent messages blocking from ISP shields.

100 % uptime

We have a specialized team to monitor the server performance all the time. We guarantee for a 100% uptime for our service without any downtime issues. If you overcome any downtime issues, we will refund your money. We work round the clock 24/7/365.

24 X7 support

If you need any assistance, we are here to help your at any time for 365 days. You can call or email us about the issue, or even you can raise a tracker on the same. Our expert technicians find the solutions to your issues that may be technical or any other queries.

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How does this mass mail server support my business?

Our Power MTA servers support you by sending unlimited emails every time you need. These bulk SMTP servers are extremely flexible for SMTP or API integration. Their ultimate infrastructure promotes unlimited bulk mailing and email marketing with the utmost ease.

How do you assure the security of these power MTA bulk mail servers?

Server Basket is very careful when it comes to the security of all SMTP servers in India. Our servers are hosted on tier4 data centers and are secured by high-quality firewalls along with encryption techniques and multi-layered intrusion detection software.

Do you provide bulk mail services to any big businesses or organizations?

It is true that big businesses and organizations buy SMTP servers for email marketing from us but we cannot disclose their identity. You can undoubtedly buy Power MTA servers from us. We value our customer’s privacy over anything and everything.

Do you offer technical support even during off hours?

Yes, Server Basket offers technical support for the users in need at any time of the day and night. Our expert team stays online at all times and responds to your requests immediately, and clears them all without any delay.

Can I upgrade the plan between the contract periods? How much do you charge for such upgrades?

Yes, you can upgrade our SMTP server for bulk mailing at any time you need between the contract period. Server Basket is very genuine with its Power MTA pricing and does not charge any extra amount for the plan upgrades.

How do you provide 100% uptime?

It doesn’t matter if you rent an SMTP server or buy one from us; we guarantee 100% uptime at all costs as we host our servers on tier4 data centers and use only redundant servers and power supplies for superior uptime.

Which brand servers do you use for bulk mass mail services?

We have our tie-ups with the renowned server brands that support major hardware and software and only use those servers that are certified by the leading ISVs. Some of our server brands include Dell, HP, IBM, Super Micro, etc.,

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