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enterprise router

Are you looking for an authorized online store to buy Enterprise router in India at the cheapest price? The ServerBasket store sells the best-of-breed enterprise routers with higher-end configurations, tried and tested for reliability and durability, at the most affordable prices. The store offers routers spread across a complete range of models from all the star brands in the industry. Enterprises with ambitious goals need a network capable of secure and efficient data routing, connecting segments within their business infrastructure. Reinforce the best security backed by future-efficient technologies and ease of operation with the Enterprise routers from the SB store. We accommodate your concerns as a buyer with a hassle-free return policy trusted by many. Please initiate a chat or phone call to our experts for a live router demo and more information on its working, discounts, etc.

various brands and models

Various Brands and Models of Enterprise Routers

Shop from our store for the best routers for your enterprise, designed with VPN support and QoS. Our collection comprises routers from the ISR & ASR family of Cisco, MX series from Juniper, Aruba 7000 and 9000 series from HPE, RouterBOARD family from MikroTik, etc.

Advanced Technologies for High-end Security

As the technology evolves, threats to data integrity and brand reputation also rise. Guard your network with enterprise-level routers that ensure your business data confidentiality, availability, and integrity. They feature Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems, VLAN segmentation, ACLs, and management interfaces for high-end network security.

built for diverse networking

Built for Diverse Networking Environments and Tasks

Enterprise wireless routers are built for large networks of Data Center Interconnects, Internet Service Providers, telemedicine, e-commerce companies, the telecommunication industry, and more. They specialize in crucial networking tasks such as VLAN, NAT, WAN optimization, SDN integration, hardware-based encryption, and data streaming.

Premium Features to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Accelerate your network transformation with the Enterprise routers’ threat intelligence, Deep Packet Inspection, content filtering, high availability, and fault tolerance. In addition, the routers also lend your network energy efficiency for a reduced TCO, traffic categorization, and flawless backup and recovery.

simplified deployment

Simplified Deployment, Operation, and Maintenance

Build a network fabric for your large business with simplified deployment, access, monitoring, and management with the Enterprise routers. They serve as the backbone of network connectivity, introducing dynamic routing capacity, security, logging and alerts, network planning, troubleshooting, IP address management, and remote access for easier maintenance.

integrated ethernet ports

Integrated Ethernet Ports for connecting Multiple Devices

Architect your business future with Ethernet routers that enable connecting to multiple networks or devices with on-board ports. The segment at the store offers routers with port architecture connectible to optical, copper cables, storage devices, USB, ports for management and configuring, and expansion slots.

Fastest Delivery Across India

Super Fast Shipping Services

Order now the Enterprise routers for delivery in any city of India like Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, etc. We are pleased to extend you the benefit of same-day shipping. Professionals with the finest packaging methods handle our shipping procedure.

qualified support team

Expert Technical Support

Reach us via live chat or phone call for any concerns, sales inquiries, or issues while using the product. Besides, SB store professionals can assist you with installation and troubleshooting tech issues with valuable and knowledgeable tips.

90 Days Warranty

90-day Warranty Cover

A 90-day active warranty from the purchase date secures the Enterprise routers. The warranty period assures you of the product quality and is coupled with other benefits such as a hassle-less returns policy and repair or replacement services.

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