Brand New Dell SATA HDD

  • DELL 1TB 2.5″ 6G SATA Hard Drive

    • Dell 1TB Hard Drive
    • Part Number: 9Y8P6
    • Increase Storage Space
    • Capacity: 1TB
    • Interface: SATA Hard Drive
    • Form Factor: 2.5″(SFF)
    • Capacity: 1TB
    • Spindle Speed: 7.2k RPM
    • Data Transfer Rate: 6Gbps
    • Fast Delivery All Over India
    • Exclusive of Taxes
    • Shipping Charges depend on location

    Buy Dell 1TB SATA 7.2k (2.5”) HDD Hard Drives At Lowest Price in India, We provide SATA hard drives with a size 1 TB of capacity to store a high amount of data, with 7200 RPM spindle speed, & 6Gbps Data Transfer Rate that add more Space to the Server

     3,189.00 3,540.00
Dell SATA HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

Buy Brand New Dell SATA HDD (Hard Disk Drive) At A Discounted Price in India Online From Server Basket

At Server Basket, you can purchase the best quality Dell internal SATA hard drive at the most affordable prices. To ensure that your purchase is of the highest quality, we’ve put this drive through multiple levels of testing and deployment. We’ve ascertained its high-functioning capabilities and excellent delivery for ourselves and are selling this to you, our precious customer with full confidence on the worthiness of your investment.

Certified By Dell:

What does a Dell certification mean to your investment? It means that the product you’re about to purchase has been certified by the manufacturers themselves. Using original, certified equipment is not only more durable, but also delivers superior performance. This means a longer shelf-life, future proof technology and efficient functionality. The Dell internal SATA hard drives being sold on Server Basket come with a Dell Certification, so your purchase is fully authentic and reliable.

Compatible With All Dell Servers:

Buy buying a Dell certified SATA HDD, you can be absolutely sure that this drive is fully compatible with all Dell servers. Be it tower, rack, or blade servers of any series, these hard drives are fully compatible. Depending on your choice of servers, such as the Dell T430 Tower Server that accommodates 8 x 2.5” SATA drives, or the Dell R440 which supports a maximum of 40TB internal storage using SATA drives. Depending on the server’s composition, you will find a Dell PowerEdge hard drives tailor-made for your needs as well as your server’s. Our sales team is ready to guide you through this.

All Storage Size Available:

At Server Basket, you can be absolutely certain that very storage size is available at our store. Depending on your organization’s needs, you can find drives with storage capacities ranging from 500GB to as expansive as of up to 12TB and more. Having such a varied range of options will help you keep up with the growing needs of your organization and eliminate the need for constant re-investments.

Speedy Data Transfer:

With SATA drives, you can be sure that data transfer occurs speedily. SATA drives are capable of transferring data at speeds of 150/ 300/ 600 MBs/ second, whereas PATA drives, on the other hand, can manage only 66/100/ 133 MBs/ second. Also, with lesser and slimmer cables, the SATA drives are so much more installation friendly than SAS or any other drives. Sensitively priced, these drives are also far more affordable than SAS.

Lowest Price Guaranteed:

Server Basket offers the lowest prices for Dell SATA hard disk drives. We provide you the Dell hard drives for prices you cannot get anywhere in the market. Buy these Dell SATA drives at the most discounted prices from our website. You can be absolutely certain that no other site offers HDDs of authentic quality at lower prices than us.

Remote Installation Support:

We at Server Basket also provide remote installation support. This goes a long way in ensuring that your drive is installed safely and securely. Instead of risking installation with inexperienced and uncertified technicians, use our support for perfect application.

1 Year Genuine Warranty:

Server Basket provides a 1 year genuine warranty period for Dell server SATA hard drives during which if any problems you face with your drive, or any issues with its functioning will be solved on a priority basis by our team of dedicated, experienced and well-qualified technicians. We provide you a replacement warranty to keep your money insured for any trouble you might face.

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