SAN Storage Drives


Do you need high-efficiency storage drives at low costs? Purchase the best SAN storage drives from top brands at affordable prices only at ServerBasket. With improved read/write speed, higher bandwidth, and negligible latency, these drives efficiently support your data-driven workloads. Choose from a wide array of SAN drives with customized configurations for improved performance, usability, and resiliency. ServerBasket offers unbelievable discounts on SAN storage hard drives. Purchase HDDs and SAN storage with SSD drives featuring improved scalability and manageability. SB also provides warranty coverage, 24/7 support, and easy return options. Get quick delivery and free installation service with your purchase.


SAN Storage Drives Available from Multiple Brands

Purchase SAN storage drives from many brands available with us. Browse through the entire catalog of SAN Drives from HP, Dell, IBM, and other popular brands without incurring additional charges. These function both as primary or target storage systems for your workloads. Get matchless discounts on these brands to upgrade your data center.

A Wide Range Of Dell Storage Servers Available

Select from Various Storage Capacities

Our collection of SAN storage hard drives is optimized for both physical and virtual workloads. Choose the desired storage capacity to match your use cases. For instance, SAN storage 2.5 drives offer a significant boost in read/write speed and data transfer rates. Select the capacity and configure the interface for your dedicated use.

Efficient Data Protection with RAID

Get reliable and easily scalable storage solutions with RAID capabilities at ServerBasket. Our SAN storage drives leverage RAID technology to facilitate data redundancy and advanced fault tolerance. It enables better cost-effectiveness for data protection. RAID ensures improved fail-safety of the integrated storage drives.

Snapshot and Replication Functionality

Significantly heighten data protection and security capabilities with SAN storage drives. The drives come with snapshot and replication functionalities for point-in-time copies of your data. It provides zero-impact backup without causing downtime. You can, thus, easily create backups and restore hard disk data in real time.


Compatibility with Virtualization Technologies

Our SAN storage drives are designed to optimize your virtual environments. They are highly compatible with modern-day virtualization technologies for improved control over your VMs. You can create virtualized ‘pool’ of storage and allocate resources to run your virtual machines optimally.


Multipathing for Failover Protection, High Performance and Availability

Enhance storage utilization while ensuring uncompromised performance and security with SAN storage drives. They leverage multipathing and failover protection to provide the server with multiple paths to the storage and use them simultaneously. Thus, these storage drives guarantee high availability for unparalleled performance.

Instant Delivery All Over India

SB’s Secure Delivery & Easy Return Policy

Get quick and secure delivery of your SAN storage drives with ServerBasket. We ensure damage-proof, speedy delivery to your doorstep. If you intend to return the product, we also feature an easy return policy to optimize your satisfaction.

Assured Replacement Warranty

Assured Product Warranty

At ServerBasket, we provide our customers with guaranteed warranty coverage. Within this period, we replace and repair if there are any hardware faults. Our products undergo stringent testing for quality guarantee.


24x7 Technical Support

Our IT team provides you with 24/7 technical support. Get immediate assistance to resolve your queries in no time and ensure smooth operation. We are available through text or call for instantaneous support.

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