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Brand New Dell SAS SSD(Solid State Drive)

New Dell SAS SSDIncrease the storage capacity of your IT infrastructure, with a range of New Dell SAS SSDs that comes at an affordable price only at Server Basket. With different data transfer speeds, Dell SAS SSDs are one of the fastest drives. Best suitable for businesses who work on heavy demanding applications, the New Dell SAS SSD enables faster file transfers, bootups, data access and delivers overall quicker computing experience than a normal hard disk drive. Whether you need drives for high-performance computing, online transaction processing, virtualization or data analytics, the New Dell SAS SSD is the ideal product for your business environment.

Equipped with Advanced Technology:

Equipped with the latest technology and SAS interface, the Brand-new Dell SAS SSD delivers a higher data transfer rate. The latest new SAS SSDs of Dell comes with a solid-state design that offers ruggedness which proves to be suitable for even the toughest remote server environments. Comes with advanced format feature technology that helps to increase drive capacity while maintaining data integrity.

Dell Approved SAS SSD:

Server Basket sells only branded products. The New SAS SSDs are Dell approved. Available in different form factors such as 2.5” and 3.5”, buy the New Dell SAS SSD that exactly fit your application needs and budget. The Dell SAS drives are available in different data transfer speed that includes 12 Gbps, 6Gbps, and 3 Gbps.

Compatible with All Dell Servers:

The New Dell SAS SSD is basically suitable for enterprise applications and compatible with all the Dell Servers, you just need to plug-in and start using. Experience silent operation, unlike the whirring loud hard disk drives. The flash-based Dell SAS SSD are extremely light in weight, consumes very little power during heavy operations and produces less heat output through your server system.

All Storage Varieties Available:

Comes in different storage options starting from 400 GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB and many more, the New Dell SAS SSD is a must buy drive as it comes at a very low price while delivering heavy performance. The New Dell SAS SSDs is a NAND flash-based storage drive that is designed with an enhanced multi-level cell flash. This technology can accommodate a huge number of write cycles and store multiple bits per cell. The multi-level cell flash technology in the new Dell SASA SSD include an algorithm that boosts flash overprovisioning, unrecoverable bit error rate, write amplification and wear levelling.

Hot Plug SSD for Flexibility:

Streamline your data storage access and archiving process with Dell’s new Hot-plug SSDs. If you face any hardware failure, you don’t need to switch off the entire system. Just replace the SAS SSD with another drive without interrupting the operation of your server.

Delivered Anywhere in India:

You should be picky while investing in such crucial hardware components as it may sometimes end you up by spending more time. We understand our client’s urgency and so dispatch the New Dell SAS SSD within a few hours of your order arrival. We make sure that you get the product securely delivered at your Doorstep within 2-3 business days in all the major cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc.

Prompt Tech Support:

Have an issue with the New Dell SAS SSD? Don’t worry when you are allied with Server Basket because you are automatically eligible for perks like instant technical support. Whether you work on India, UK or US time zone, our experienced and skilled technical support team would guide you and solve your SSD drive issues instantly.

1-Year Replacement Warranty:

From the date of original purchase, your New Dell SAS SSD comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty against defects in workmanship and material. If you face any hardware failure, you would get an instant replacement of all new SAS SSD drives. Products during replacement should fulfill all the warranty conditions.

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