Intel Xeon X5500 Series CPU

  • Intel Xeon Processor X5570 (2.93 GHz/SLBF3, H506J)

    • Intel Xeon Processor X5570
    • Number of Cores:4
    • Number of Threads:8
    • Cache: 8 MB
    • Bus Speed: 6.4 GT/s
    • Max Memory Bandwidth: 32 GB/s
    • Base Frequency: 2.93 GHz
    • Max Turbo Speed: 3.333 GHz
    • Thermal Design Power: 95 W
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    Buy Intel Xeon X5570 CPU At Lowest Price in India, This Intel Xeon CPU Comes with DDR3 memory, Quad Core, 8 MB Cache, 2.93 GHz of Base Frequency, etc. Tagged with 1yr Warranty, Free Installation Support

     1,499.00 1,999.00

Intel Xeon X5500 Series CPUDoes your server demand more speed and processing power to keep up with your workflows? Are you in search of highly potent processors to replace your existing ones? Server Basket is proud to proffer you with the Intel 5500 series processors that can comply with the finest server brands to avail the maximum productivity and efficiency of your workflows. These Intel processors are maneuvered with ultra-modern technologies to support and handle your virtualization, computing, and other intensive workloads with ideal energy consumption rates. You can scale up your server performance and provide better security to the data you store with the help of these marvelous Intel 5500 series processors. 

At Server Basket, you can find any model of the Intel 5500 series processors that are in perfect working order. Each of them is tested for its ideal functionality and is accompanied by an infallible warranty plan. We price our Intel processors with the utmost care and frequently update them based on existing market value. Order the Intel 5500 series processors today and get them delivered to your desired destination. On top of that, we offer free installation help to all our customers.

Suitable for Top Brands Servers

Are you Looking for the best processors that could ignite the power and productivity of your top brand servers? Try our Intel 5500 series processors that retain the ideal shape, excellent frame size, and the desired lithography to easily fit in any top branded server body inclusive of Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu, and many more that come in any of the tower, blade, and rack form factors. These Intel processors significantly improve the reliability and functioning of your servers.

Multiple Models Available with Various Clock Speeds 

Are you planning to power up your servers with the Intel 5500 series processors? We have in-stock a great number of Intel 5500 series processors of many models and clock speeds that can definitely comply with your server models. Our collection includes Intel 5502, Intel 5570, Intel 5540, Intel 5560, Intel 5580, and other 5500 series processors with multiple clock speeds ranging from 1.86GHz to 3.20GHz, each of them ready to get deployed to unleash the power within.

Excellent Performance for Virtualization 

Want to make your server ready for virtualization? Our magnificent Intel 5500 processors are one of their kind in providing exceptional performance to any virtual workload running on your server. These Intel processors are supplemented with many virtualization technologies such as Intel VT-x, VT-d, VT-x with EPT to maintain productivity and intensify the security and reliability of your virtual machines. We guarantee that these 5500 series processors offer unending and uninterrupted support to your virtual workloads.

Accelerates Your Server Performance 

Are you fed up with poor performance servers and slow workflows? Then you must remodel your servers with our super good Intel 5500 series processors to escalate the performance to the level you anticipate. These powerful processors are endowed with high clock speeds, excess turbo frequencies, and rich processor base frequencies to accelerate the server performance beyond doubt. Upon installing these 5500 series processors, you can perform any number of workflows without the fear of unwanted interruptions.

Features Various Advanced Technologies

Apart from known turbo boost and hyper-threading technologies, our Intel 5500 series processors are enriched with multiple advanced technologies to improve the operation of your workloads thereby running your servers with better prolificness. Intel 64, Enhanced Speed Step technology, and Demand-based switching are the most progressive technologies that tag along with these Intel 5500 series processors to amplify the potential of your diversified workloads with intelligent management of the power, frequency, and other resources being utilized.

Supports Intel Turbo boost & Hyper-Threading Technology

Do you wish to enhance the performance of your single as well as multi-threaded workflows? If so, you need our Intel 5500 series processors that possess Intel Turbo boost and Hyper-threading technologies to scale up the productivity and speed of your loaded workloads and applications. These mind-blowing technologies help you perform numerous tasks with better efficiency and lesser effort. Their main aim is to help your servers intensify the processing capability of your workflows to greater extents.

Efficient Processors with Robust Security

Are you worried about the safety of the files and data you store on your server? Install your servers with these excellent Intel 5500 series processors that offer robust security to your server applications and information. These processors are engineered with hardware-based security systems that can shield your server against any intrusions, hackers, malware, and other threats that might steal or tamper with your data. Our efficient Intel processors are highly dependable and extremely reliable.

Free Replacement Warranty 

Facing trouble with our Intel 5500 series processors? We test our processors before their dispatch for their ideal functionality, and we guarantee the flawless functioning of these processors for longer time periods. If you still encounter any performance issues with them in the mentioned warranty period, under the replacement warranty plan, we will replace the faulty processor with a genuine spare as soon as possible so that you can continue with your regular workflows without any hurdles.

Remote Installation Support for Any Server 

Are you worried about making mistakes while installing the Intel 5500 series processor on your server? Server Basket offers remote installation assistance to its customers where a group of trained technicians will guide you through the whole installation procedure, making sure that you make no static errors while mounting the processor into the server. Our technicians are well-versed with all the server brands. They’ll cross-check that you’ve installed the processor correctly and the server is running perfectly.

Fast Delivery with Multi-Level Packing 

Wishing for quicker delivery of your ordered processors? We will fulfil that for you. Server Basket has its ties with the most dedicated and experienced travel agents who know their ways to get the processors delivered to your doorstep safely. We pack the Intel processors in rectangular corrugated boxes and seal the package before its dispatch. Our reliable delivery agents will ensure that the processors are delivered to the correct address in less than 3 working days. 

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