Xeon Skylake Processors


Processor ModelCoresThreadsBase FrequencyCachePrice
Intel Xeon Gold 614820402.40 GHz27.5 MB
  • Rs. 14,899/-
Intel Xeon Gold 61448163.50 GHz24.75 MB
  • Rs. 52,499/-
Intel Xeon Silver 411410202.20 GHz13.75 MB
  • Rs. 10,800/-
Intel Xeon Silver 4106H8161.80 GHz11 MB
  • Rs. 33,630/-
Intel Xeon Silver 4109T8162.00 GHz11 MB
  • Rs. 33,630/-

Have you checked the “Intel Skylake Processors“? This advanced naming chip, which features gold, silver, bronze, and platinum metallic branding, represents a substantial change in the Xeon product range. For some intensive computing workloads, the Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5, E3-1500 v5, W-2100, W-3100, Gold 6100, Gold 5100, Bronze 3100, and Silver 4100 processor series provide double improvement, and the combined memory changes have increased memory bandwidth.

These Intel Skylake CPUs contain powerful built-in accelerators to help enhance performance efficiency for emerging workloads. Additionally, Intel Xeon Gold 6148, 6144, Silver 4114T, 4106H, and 4109T processors provide you with modern security technologies to protect data in case of ever-evolving threats while opening new opportunities for business insights.

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