Mikrotik SFP Modules

mikrotik sfp modules

Do you want to boost your organization’s network architecture? Visit ServerBasket.com to explore the range of MikroTik SFP modules compatible with your network switches, routers, and firewalls, guaranteeing high quality and affordability. Speed up your network by choosing from the MikroTik SFP transceivers available in SFP, SFP+, QSFP, QSFP+, CWDM, Fiber, Copper, Single-mode, and Multi-mode forms. They enable transmission at varying speeds, including 1Gb, 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, and 100Gb, over a distance ranging from 10 km to 40 km and higher. Give your network communication capability a new high with the reliable MikroTik SFP modules. These efficient network solutions are bound to not only increase the data transfer speed within your network but also to improve the overall performance of your devices. These feature-rich SFP modules are suitable for any kind of deployment. What more? We offer additional discounts on these economical modules from MikroTik, with an assured warranty, superfast doorstep delivery, unmatched services, and round-the-clock support. Order now to avail yourself of these exclusive benefits only at ServerBasket.


Mikrotik Modules in 1.25G/10G/40G Speeds Available

Shop the hot-pluggable, compact MikroTik SFP/QSFP modules available in speeds 1G, 1.25G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G, 25G, 40G, etc., at our store exclusively made for Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET, and PON networks. They provide instant, cost-effective connectivity to a wide range of fiber distances and types linking your networking gear.


Multimode and Single-mode Variants

End the need for surplus network equipment with the MicroTik SFP modules, which help you transform your network to meet the changing needs of distance, cabling types, speed, etc. The MicroTik SFP modules are sold in single and multi-mode variants at the store to support both long and short-distance communication from 1m to 80 km.

Support a Wide Router and Server Range

Explore the complete suite of modular MicroTik SFP transceivers made with cross-platform compatibility for Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Huawei, and other routers, as well as servers from Dell, HP, Cisco, and so on. They adapt to your existing network and are enabled by compliance with MSA, optical laser standards, network protocols, and digital diagnostics. 

SFP+ and SFP Options

Support advanced speed and efficiency needs with SFP and SFP+ modules from MikroTik built for optical fiber and copper cable connectivity, in addition to adding security, monitoring, and serviceability to your business network. They enable you to handle your 100BaseT, 1000BaseT, and 10G Ethernet applications, supporting data rate needs up to 16Gbps.


SNMP Monitoring and Management Capabilities

All MikroTik SFP+ modules support Digital Optical Monitoring via the SNMP interface, allowing the end-user to monitor supply voltage, optical I/O power, temperature, etc., in real-time. The modules alert network operators on failures or potential problems, aiding them in checking and countering compatibility and interoperability issues, inventory and lifecycle management, performance optimization, and power issues.


Various Wavelength and Distance Choices

Empower your enterprise’s industrial, telecom and data center’s interconnect links with energy and space efficiency, versatility for a flexible network design, and a broad range of benefits. The MikroTik SFP solutions offer end-to-end link distance choices in the range of 1m to 80km, functioning at wavelengths between 850nm and 1610nm.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Free, Fast Delivery

Our delivery service stands for safety and time-saving as we ship the MikroTik SFP transceivers the same day you buy them. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we cover all central locations across the country.


Warranty Covering Repair/Replacement

A 90-day warranty cover secures the products sold at our store, facilitating the repair/replacement process during the window period. Our professionals make sure that you receive a just and speedy service.

24/7 Technical Assistance

24/7 Technical Support

SB store’s 24/7 Tech Support is our most reputed benefit, with compliments and testimonials from countless customers. Industry experts are always within your reach, helping you with setup, tips or guidance, and troubleshooting.

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