Refurbished HP ProLiant G7 Servers

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Refurbished HP ProLiant G7 Servers:

Are you looking to buy the Refurbished HP ProLiant DL120, DL360, DL380, DL580, DL980 gen7 servers? Server Basket offers refurbished HP ProLiant Gen7 server’s at least possible price with customized configurations on your demand. These are highly expandable servers equipped with the latest security features to protect your data from external threats. Whether you want to purchase a Rack, Tower, Blade server or a storage server, Server Basket provides you with the best refurbished HP ProLiant G7 servers that keep your company running with peak performance. Your programs will be executed quickly and more efficiently when compared to the previous servers.

Refurbished but Powerful Server:

We provide certified and powerful Refurbished HP ProLiant Gen7 server, Server Basket has everything to offer for your work requirements. Many customers have well received these 7th generation servers because of their robust processing facilities. You can increase the storage performance of these servers using NVMe drives, making it sure to scale up the application performance easily. The powerful refurbished HP ProLiant G7 servers can effortlessly execute difficult tasks under any workloads.

Powerful 12 Core CPUs:

Powerful 12 cores CPUs in refurbished HP ProLiant G7 servers makes them incomparable with previous servers from HP. These servers will help you run multiple applications without slowing down the performance. Powerful cores ensure that your company will never encounter slow IT program problems which used to be very common in older versions. You can manage the number of cores to be used depending upon the number of programs you want to run.

Scale Up to 192GB Memory:

Memory expansion is one of the greatest scalable features in HP ProLiant G7 servers.  You will be able to expand the memory at various levels, i.e., up to a maximum of 192GB in these servers. In order to ensure maximum storage, different types of hard drives, i.e., SATA, SAS, and SSD used in HP ProLiant G7 servers. The ability to deliver scalable performance increases the storage performance of HP ProLiant Gen 7 servers. You can start from 300 GB and can reach up to 68TB and beyond with HP Gen7 servers.

Best Server for Startups:

HP ProLiant G7 servers are ideal for startups as they are capable of delivering power-packed performance. The rack form factor server occupies less space, so they suit best for companies running in smaller environments. These are ideal for startup companies looking for a performance-driven server that can be utilized for Virtualization and high-performance computing.  At Server Basket, you will get all type of customized gen7 servers to match your startup company needs. Refurbished servers come at a small cost when compared to brand new servers making it easier on your budget as well.

90 days limited warranty:

Server Basket backs its users with excellent warranty policy.  At this moment we are offering 90 days warranty on all latest HP ProLiant G7 servers. When you purchase these servers from Server Basket, the warranty will be applicable from the day when you place an order. We will take care of your server if it fails to function during the warranty period. Please remember that physical damages and some consumables like batteries will not be covered under 90 days limited warranty policy.

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