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    Cheap Storage Servers

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Do you need to optimize the storage efficiency of your expanding e-commerce business? Server Basket offers storage area network solutions (SANs), which offer a shared storage pool that can be accessed by several servers in your network. Create a solid and resilient storage infrastructure with SAN Storage Servers to reduce your total cost of ownership while increasing company agility. Designed with low-latency tolerance and high-performance needs in mind for your mission-critical workloads, our in-stock SAN storage systems optimize block data storage with a variety of business data services, including deduplication, thin provisioning, and enhanced encryption. Enterprise SAN Storage Systems from leading manufacturers, including HP, Dell, QNap, and others, are available with Server Basket, offering higher network connectivity of 16/32 Gbps. Get the desired SAN server for your business on ServerBasket.com.


An Extensive Collection of 16/32Gbps SAN Storage Server Brands Available

You may meet a wide range of your end-to-end IT infrastructure storage demands with a 16/32 Gbps SAN Storage Server, which will increase productivity and enhance data management. Server Basket is a one-stop store that provides a wide range of storage servers from IBM, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and many more.


Discover High-speed Data Transmission with Fiber Optics

When linked over Fiber Channel networks, SAN technology is an excellent choice for your mission-critical applications requiring fast data transfer speeds and minimal latency. All your business applications that move data between clients and corporate systems can operate more efficiently, thanks to SAN storage, which helps them maintain confidentiality.

Achieve Enhanced Performance and High Availability with SAN Storage

We understand that various apps have different storage requirements. Customize your company’s storage needs using SAN technology, which meets the server’s workload to connect to many storage devices. It does this by offering unbroken performance and unmatched reliability at an affordable price for sophisticated enterprise storage demands.

SAN Storage Offers High Storage Capacity, Cheaper than Cloud Storage

Don’t undervalue the potential benefits of SAN Storage Servers offered by SB to fulfill your unique storage needs, including data security, redundancy, and encryption. When SAN vs. cloud storage is pitted against each other, SAN wins hand-down since it’s more affordable and better suited for tech-savvy customers.


Various Storage Options Available

Now, your data centers can share common storage resources flexibly with 16/32 Gbps SAN Storage Servers. Organizations may easily select the optimal storage solution from a broad selection that we have in stock, including All-Flash Storage, Hybrid Storage, Archive Storage, Object Storage, Open ZFE Storage, File Storage, and Block Storage.


SAN Servers Ideal for Data Center and Enterprise Operations

Are you confused about adding SAN Servers to your data center upgrades? Use our team’s well-tested SAN storage servers to give your company’s IT infrastructure a makeover. Fiber Channel and iSCSI SAN storage solutions can help your business handle workloads more effectively, solve storage capacity problems, and enhance administration.


Secure Warranty Coverage

Since we are your partner in proof, we value your trust. SB provides a safe guarantee to all its customers for any damage or malfunctioning flaws. Under this warranty, you will get replacement parts or repair services for damaged items.

Hassle-Free Returns

Swift Shipping & Hassle-free Returns

We are among the industry leaders because of our quick shipping service. In 2-3 days, you will receive what you ordered anywhere in India, including Delhi, Bangalore, Gujarat, etc. Furthermore, we provide a simple return procedure for your convenience.


Free Demo & Technical Support

We provide a free setup demo of our products since we always strive to establish a solid rapport with our clients. Moreover, SB employs elite specialists who can offer technical support for SAN server maintenance and promptly address problems and debugging.

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