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    Cheap Storage Servers

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Are you looking for a reliable digital store offering high-quality storage servers featuring scalability, advanced security features, and ultra-fast data transfers? Server Basket is your trusted partner for A grade 8 Gbps SAN storage servers from Dell, HP, QNap, and other brands, integrated with many modern capabilities at affordable prices. These storage servers make storage management more accessible for you with data deduplication, data encryption, and storage replication. SAN storage servers are for businesses of all sizes looking for dependable storage capacity and performance. Get the best SAN servers from our digital store at lower prices than other stores. We provide excellent products and additional benefits like assured warranty, installation support, 24/7 technical support, and safe and quick delivery services. 


A Range of 8Gbps SAN Storage Servers Available at Low Prices

Our reliable online store sells an extensive collection of low-cost SAN storage servers with 8 Gbps speed. Our SAN storage servers from HP, Dell, Cisco, IBM, QNap, Lenovo, etc. are available in different models like Dell EMC PowerVault ME4084, Dell EMC PowerVault ME4012, HPE MSA SAN Storage, HPE 3PAR, and more.


Optimize Server Storage with Data Deduplication

The data deduplication feature in these SAN servers helps decrease the redundant information to clear storage space which results in decreasing dataset size. It also helps enhance the storage resources to develop performance, and its use cases help enterprises save money and effort by removing duplicate information and providing resource optimization.

Enhance Data Efficiency with iSCSI Storage Integration

iSCSI protocol is more important to hold the benefits of a SAN storage server. iSCSI is an internet-based protocol that supports Ethernet and TCP/IP interoperability benefits. This protocol will help in adequate data security, higher performance, and more effortless scalability, which will help in reducing operational costs.

Compatibility with Various Operating Systems

The ServerBasket online store provides SAN storage servers compatible with Android, Veeam, Citrix, macOS,  OpenStack Cinder, and Linux operating systems. This compatibility may allow you to personalize your user experience and increase productivity. Choose the OS you want on your SAN server.


Greater Scalability and Support for S3-compliant Protocol

An 8 Gbps SAN storage server provides exclusive scalability compared to a standard server, allowing you to store and recover vast data–ccess highly scalable, reliable, quick, and cost-effective data storage. S3 protocol gives simple management features to set up data for backup and retrieval for webpages and various applications.


Extend Data Storage Capacity with Multiple Drive Options

Various storage types like SSD, SAS, and NVMe storage drives will help back up data safely and quickly from one industry to another by creating copies of important files. The use cases include block storage, analytics and data warehousing, virtual machines, and file storage.


Warranty Cover & User Installation Book

 We provide a warranty to offer you the guarantee for the best storage server functioning. If any issue arises, you can request a replacement or repair within the warranty period. We also provide a step-by-step installation guide to help you organize the storage server for your business.


Free and Quick Shipping, Simple Return Policy

We understand different business urgencies, so we have partnered with exclusive delivery partners in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Jaipur, Nagpur, Banglore, etc, to deliver your product safely within 2-3 days. Our return policy makes your returns easy, as the process is initiated as soon as your return request is generated. 

24/7 Technical Assistance

Around-the-clock Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided around the clock; we assist you with installation, creating data volumes, controlling shared folder access and user permissions, troubleshooting and issue resolution. We provide technical support to maintain the SAN server free of cost.

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