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    Cheap Storage Servers

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Do you want to achieve high storage capacity, performance, resiliency, and versatility on standard hardware for your organization? What is a better way to do this than adding a Windows storage server to your IT infrastructure? Buy yours on and gain a flexible, cost-effective solution for your shared storage environment. A Windows storage server appliance is a scalable and dependable option for enterprise-class scale-out NAS operations and continuous availability. WSS is the ideal answer to an organization’s storage expansion demands in today’s data-driven world. It offers block storage via the integrated Microsoft iSCSI Software Taeger, in addition to the NFS file protocol and basic file-serving needs. Among the standard features, it also provides data deduplication, fail-over clustering, and the capacity to run Hyper-V virtual machines. Many features and advantages are listed below. Call us right now to find out more about the product.


Various Windows Storage Server Versions Available

A Windows storage system is a platform for NAS and SAN storage equipment based on the Windows OS. Its well-known versions, Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, Windows Storage Server 2008 R2, Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, and Windows Storage Server 2016, have advanced features and support NVMe, SAS, and SSD storage.


Reduces IT Admin Tasks, Compatible with All Windows Products

WSS has been an integral part of all IT infrastructure since its introduction, helping millions of organizations and lightening the workload of IT administrators – especially those with more than 20 workers. It is an essential tool for network managers in IT, and it integrates well with all Windows products to increase efficiency.

Optimized for Delivering Enhanced File Serving Experience

From improving Windows’ speed and dependability to maximizing the performance of its essential apps, our users get stable and effective file-serving experiences. It is primarily utilized to offer high levels of availability and storage since it was intended to give computers connected to a network the capacity to store files.

Reliable, Cost-effective Storage System with Active Directory Support

Thanks to its Active Directory support capabilities, Windows Storage Server, ideal for network-attached devices, makes administrators’ and end users’ lives easier. Use these reliable, reasonably-priced Active Directory support services to give users access to the network resources they need to complete their tasks while also strengthening organizational security.


Data Duplication and Deduplication Features for Efficient Disk Space Usage

With significant advancements in data duplication and deduplication, Windows Storage Server offers a wide range of deduplication technologies that support individual file sizes up to 1TB and volume measures up to 64TB. For virtualized Backup Applications, an effective disc space utilization has been established to deploy data deduplication.


Pre installed Antivirus and Backup Software

Suppose you buy a WSS NAS from us. In that case, you receive many backup choices, Microsoft’s Azure platform and antivirus software installed, allowing you to prevent problems before they arise and prevent data loss. Your data in the Microsoft Cloud is protected, restored, and backed up with Azure Backup.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Expeditious Delivery Service

Your Window Storage Server will be quickly delivered without additional charges to your location by Server Basket’s swift delivery partner. Before you realize it, the server will be at your door, thoroughly tested and ready for immediate setup.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Configuration and Technical Support

Acquire WSS from SB and take advantage of our expert 24/7 technical support for data volume creation, SAN issue handling, vCenter Plugins, thin/thick provisioning, and other features that you discover while using our products and receive prompt solutions.


Standard Warranty Coverage

You can be conident that none of our products – including the Window Storage Server – will be harmed or have any issues with our standard warranty coverage. We will give the necessary repairs and suitable solution that satisfies your demands if a need arises.

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