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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full Data Backups
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • 100% Up time Servers
  • Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Instant Deployment
  • Enhanced Performance
  • High End Security
  • Full Root Access
  • 24/7 Tech Support

Buy Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting at Discounted Price in India, This Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Comes with Dedicated CPU, RAM & Storage space and Unlimited Bandwidth that handles Huge Traffic on the hosted Websites

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Product Overview

Do you want to buy best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting for your small business or a startup that you are planning to launch? Then you are the right place. You don’t need to worry about Uptime, faster loading time, bandwidth, storage space, and security when you buy best cheap dedicated hosting at the lowest price in India from Server Basket.  We deploy high end dedicated servers powered by SSD drives, scalable resources and high-speed network connectivity that ensure quicker loading time for your application or website.

Dedicated Resources

You get the full resources of a single server when you choose best unmanaged Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting from Server Basket. No one can access the resources allocated to you, and don’t need to worry about other websites using up your dedicated server’s CPU and RAM. We assure that spikes in bandwidth usage and bad scripts running on another site will never slow down your server.

Instant Deployment

Have a new server online in just a few minutes with our state of art dedicated service. We don’t take hours to set up your best unmanaged Cheap Dedicated hosting servers. Provision is made to deployed every dedicated server within a few minutes which are ready to go, giving you the flexibility required to react to peak time.

100% Uptime

You will get 100% Uptime with the best-dedicated hosting of Server Basket. The uptime guarantee enables you to run your website or application without worrying about unavailability. Therefore, you can concentrate more on generating sales volume. This 100% uptime makes your customers stay connected for doing business with you for the long run.

Enhanced performance

Enjoy top performance, stability and do exactly what you want as per your individual requirements. The most innovative SSD technology involved in our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting provides the considerable added performance to boost your business. We offer good storage and RAM options to meet the performance needs of your website or application.

High-end Security

With all the power-packed security tools and advanced firewalls including DDoS protection techniques in place, Server Basket ensures unequaled security that none of our competitors can even think of. We protect your best cheap dedicated servers from the most common DDoS attacks and keep your servers always online. Our Cheap Dedicated hosting offers bulletproof security that is very important for companies handling sensitive transactions over SSL.

Full Control over the Server

With full Free Root Access to your Cheap Dedicated hosting, you will have full control over the customization of software and hardware of the computer. You get the maximum flexibility in configuring and setting up your dedicated server. We will give you complete access to the Server Management Panel that helps to perform actions like Start, Stop, Rebuild, etc.

24/7 Live Tech Support for Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Our highly experienced support team is just a call away, we have a dedicated team with well-trained staff are available 24/7 to help you with all basic elements of dedicated server hosting support. We never let your website face the downtime and can guarantee that all your support queries will receive accurate results.

Best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing Options:

Product idSpecificationsPrice /MonthBuy
SBCDS-2Xeon X3470 CPU/ 4c/4t/3.1 GHz Speed/ 4 Cores/ 8 GB/ 2x500 GB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.4,999
SBCDS-6Xeon E3-1220 CPU/ 4c/4t/3.1 GHz Speed/ 4 Cores/ 8 GB/ 1TB GB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.7,499
SBCDS-7Xeon X5650 CPU/ 6c/6t/2.66 GHz Speed/ 6 Cores/ 8 GB/ 2 x 1TB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.7,999
SBCDS-9Xeon X5650 CPU/ 4c/4t/3.1 GHz Speed/ 8 Cores/ 8 GB/ 1TB HDD/4 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.8,999

High-End Best and Cheap Dedicated Hosting Plans & Price List:

Product idSpecificationsPrice /MonthBuy
SBCDS-1Xeon X3470 CPU/ 6c/12t/2.3 GHz/ 12 Cores/ 4 GB/ 500 GB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.3,999
SBCDS-3Xeon X3470 CPU/ 6c/12t/2.3 GHz/ 12 Cores/ 4 GB/ 2x 1TB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.5,999
SBCDS-4Xeon E3-1220 CPU/ 8 c/16t/2.2 GHz/ 16 Cores/ 4 GB/ 500 GB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.6,499
SBCDS-5Xeon E3-1220 CPU/ 10c/20t/ 2.2 GHz/ 20 Cores/ 4 GB/ 2 x 500 GB HDD/2 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.6,999
SBCDS-8Xeon X5650 CPU/ 8c/16t/2.1 GHz/ 8 Cores/ 16 GB/ 500 GB HDD/4 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.8,499
SBCDS-10Xeon X5650 CPU/ 8c/16t/2.1 GHz/ 16 Cores/ 16 GB/ 2 x 1TB HDD/4 IP's/ Care Pack FreeRs.9,499

Additional Information

Type of OS

VM Ware, Windows, Linux


128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB



Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Dedicated Server

Type of Storage


Data Center Location



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