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Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting India

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  • Choose best windows dedicated server hosting
  • 100% server uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full root access
  • Superior SSD Storage
  • Bullet Proof Security
  • Free Backup Management
  • Data security management
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • 24/7 expert support
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Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Plans in India

Product idPROCESSORCores / ThreadsRAMSTORAGEBANDWIDTHPrice/MonthBuy Now
SBINDDS-11 x E5-26206C / 12T32GB DDR32 x 500 GB SSD With RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 6,499/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-21x E5-2670 V210C / 20T32GB DDR32 x 500 GB SSD With RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 8,499/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-31x E5-2670 V210C / 20T48GB DDR32 x 1TB SSD With RAID 1UnlimitedRs. 9,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-42 x E5-2670 V220C / 40T64GB DDR33 x 1TB SSD With RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 12,499/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-52 x E5-2670 V220C / 40T128GB DDR32 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 3 x 1TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 15,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-62 x E5-2696 V224C / 48T256GB DDR32 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 3 x 1TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 19,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-72 x E5-2673 V324C / 48T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 3 x 2TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 27,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-82 x E5-2696 V336C / 72T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 2TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 34,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-92 x E5-2696 V444C / 88T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 2TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 44,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-102 x Intel Gold 614840C / 80T512GB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 2TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 54,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial
SBINDDS-112 x AMD EPYC 7742128C / 256T1TB DDR42 x 500GB SSD for OS RAID 1 / 4 x 2TB SSD RAID 5UnlimitedRs. 99,999/-
Get 30 Days Free Trial

Create a solid infrastructure for your business on World Wide Web by buying best windows dedicated server hosting from here online at cheap price in contrast to any other hosting service providers across India. Our cheap dedicated server is designed specifically for all kinds of enterprise applications. We offer cheap dedicated server hosting solution with free windows licenses, cheapest plans, and free antivirus softwares without worrying about dedicated server maintenance as well as security.

Best Windows Dedicated Server Plans

Windows dedicated server is the best solution for high-traffic websites and larger businesses as all the dedicated servers available from Server Basket allow installation, maximum customizable configuration, and overall flexibility with unparalleled support from Server Basket. Our Windows dedicated servers are engineered to deliver great performance and are built to cope up with high-intensity workloads. All the best Windows dedicated server hosting plans available from Server Basket are at affordable prices ranging from basic to standard and excelling to advanced dedicated server plans. If your website traffic is from India, then host your dedicated server from Server Basket and get 10x faster-loading speed by investing least amount.

Free Windows OS optimization

Server Basket optimizes your chosen OS so that you can get the best experience using our best windows dedicated server hosting services. We follow many different methods to enhance the Windows server OS and these services are offered for free from Server Basket to improve server performance. Some of the server optimization techniques include- using an exclusive Pagefile drive as it gives you the greatest increase in server performance, using NTFS (New Technology File System) shows betterment insecurity and speed when compared with FAT-file systems, defragmenting your hard drive help read data at high speed improving overall file-reading efficiency. Uninstall rarely-accessed utilities and disable rarely-used services as by doing this the performance of the server increases and enhances security as your server will be running on a reduced number of services and hard drive compression. Compressing your hard drive will not only minimize the amount of time your server takes to read files from hard drive but also reduces burden on server resources and increase server performance.

Best Windows Security Support

We excel in giving best Windows security support by providing services like next-generation protection against the latest malware, firewall installation (IPS enabled firewall) and configurations, protection for terminal servers, external traffic security by protecting storages and shared folders from crypto-malware (Anti-Cryptor), exploit prohibition mechanism that prohibits process memory from exploits, server securing and hardening and also provide weekly server reports so that you can have a clean check over the server functioning.

No Extra of Windows OS

We do not charge any extra for Windows OS installation, we offer a list of multiple Windows operating systems that are compatible with Windows dedicated servers available from Server Basket. The different versions of Windows server OS that is available are Windows server 2008, 2012, 2016- 32/64 bit. Plesk and etc. we install OS based on your application or business requirement

Multi-Location Indian Data Centers

Server Basket has maintained servers throughout various geographically key locations in order to provide quality, reliability, flexibility, and performance. Host your Windows dedicated server in tier 4 Indian data centers at multiple locations and at the location nearby to your business area. We have data centers at multiple locations such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bangalore etc. Depending on the location of your company’s establishment you can host your server at the nearby location. Therefore this gives an opportunity for 100% uptime, speed access and faster loading of the website.

Free Windows Antivirus

We at Server Basket provide free Windows anti-virus installation for your best Windows dedicated server hosting. We install Quick Heal anti-virus Server Edition, one of the award-winning anti-viruses with 100% malware detection ratio. It provides topmost protection with the lowest impact on your server and can be managed at zero maintenance cost. This is one of the best Windows server anti-viruses and we install it on your server for absolutely free.

Low-Cost Windows Server add-ons

Server Basket provides Windows server add-ons for a cheaper price and few add-ons can be available for free as well. Some of the add-ons include firewall configuration, server setup, CMS optimization, timely security alerts, security enhancements, data migration, MSSQL optimization, complete control panel support, app updates, software issue repairs, OS hardening, antivirus and malware scans, fully managed server weekly backups and business class email service and many more

24X7 Monitoring

Server Basketmonitors your servers 24/7 for any suspicious activities or spam. We perform a system reboot if you submit a request, monitor the logs for spamming, fixing server services having problems and quickly restart failed services upon receiving notification(included in 24/7Monitoring). 24/7 server management guarantees quick feedback for support tickets and guaranteed response time of 15 minutes as we have Microsoft certified experts who come up with solutions that go well in the long run.


Additional information

Type of OS

VM Ware, Windows


128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 512 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, 12 TB, 24 TB

Type of Storage


Data Center Location


Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Managed Dedicated Server

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