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Do you need the next generation cables to run your futuristic data centers and support the super-fast speeds needed for the applications in hyper-scale, storage, cloud, enterprise, and high-performance computing (HPC) installations? Do you need directly connecting ports for equipment like servers, storage, switches and routers? Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables also known as DAC Twinax cables, are the ideal solution for you, and Server Basket offers different types of these high-speed DAC cables at budget prices. They are the preferred interlink for inside server racks, mainly for high-speed links, and are available in different data rate options – 10g DAC cable, 10G SFP+ DAC Cable, 25G DAC cable, 40g DAC cable, 100g DAC cable, and LinkX DAC Cables. These cables have pluggable connectors on either end and consume lower power. They come cheaper than fiber cables and can be plugged in directly to the equipment’s ports. We offer a full range of flexible DAC cables to suit your needs and provide fast and safe delivery of all kinds to all the locations in India.

High-Speed Copper Cables

Today's high-performing data centers need cables with more swiftness and flexibility. DAC cables are an ideal high-speed solution for interconnections in data centers. They are built to meet your specific requirements and fleeting speeds — with confirmed reliability and efficiency. Input/output (I/O) passive cable assemblies that come with different lengths and high speed can deliver high data rates up to 400 Gbps. We offer customized choices of DAC cables for more flexibility in design.

Various Types Available

The DAC cables can be active or passive DAC based on the difference in their construction. Equalization and signal amplification are built into the assembly of active DAC cables, giving better quality and long-distance transmission. No electrical elements are built into the cable assembly of Passive DAC cables, so they consume lesser power. Active optical cables (AOC) integrate active electrical and optical components. We provide all types and variants of DAC cables at the most budget-friendly prices.

Prolongs the Life Of Switch Hardware

DAC cables connect the ports directly within the active equipment, such as routers, switches, or servers in a data network. They are most commonly used for connecting the equipment placed within one data rack, like connecting servers to a switch on top of the rack. Our DAC cables are reliable and compatible. Hence it will not affect the performance of the switches they are plugged in. Instead, they can prolong the life of the switch hardware without changing the current infrastructure.

Pluggable Connectors on Either Ends

DAC cable is a sort of fixed high-speed copper cable arrangement that comprises a secured copper Twinax cable with pluggable connectors. On both ends with different gauges from 24 to 30 AWG. For longer distance, there has to be a higher American Wire Gauge (AWG) rating. The cable can be used to connect the switches to servers or routers for distance for a short transmission. Connectors on either end make it convenient to plug them.

Connect Ports within the Equipment's of Data Networks

DAC assemblies are the best choices for short-reach direct connection and for connecting ports within the equipment of data networks. They are mostly used in the equipment distribution area (EDA) where cabinets and racks house servers. DAC assemblies are used to connect storage to switch, server to switch or switch to switch for interconnection between rows of racks and in racks. Different DAC assemblies and options of length can be used for different interconnect applications and their distance needs.

Ideal for Applications in Data Centers

The next-gen data centres will need even faster speeds and no compromise on agility, quality or flexibility. There will also be more space constraints and pressing thermal concerns, so the data centers will require cables that can fit and connect the critical components while protecting the valuable integrity of signals. Server Basket offers the best performing DAC cables with the minimum lead time at reasonable prices.

Low Power Consumption

DAC assemblies, with the use of low power consumption and high-density technology, have become very popular in data centres. They utilize the same port as optical transceivers but deliver significant power and cost savings in short reach applications. Passive DAC cables can attain interconnections up to 7m at 10 Gbps or even 40 Gbps using low power. Active DAC cables have low-power circuits in the connector for better signal and operate from the port without any extra power needs.

Cheaper than Fiber Cables

DAC cables are more popular because of their low price; they come cheaper than fiber cables. To interconnect the high-speed systems together, copper cables are the least costly options. Unlike optical transceivers, they do not require patch panels or extra cables when connected to devices. It’s difficult to compete with the low costs of copper wires. We offer very affordable and high-quality DAC cables.

Plug in Directly to Equipment's Ports

DAC cables provide plug-and-play convenience as they have only one component to manage without any need of interconnections. They can be directly plugged in the equipment's ports. Unlike optical fibers, for DAC cables you need not be concerned with cleaning and inspecting them in-field before plugging in. They are highly reliable with simplified connections. There are no adapters, connectors, patch panels or other elements on the communication channel path like those of the transceivers.

Quick Delivery Across India

Not only for our products but our service also, we maintain high standards. Our clients and their businesses are our priority. We deliver your DAC cables securely at your doorstep within 2-3 days of your placing order from us. Whether you need one, two or multiple sets of DAC cables or in bulk, our delivery is always fast and safe. We ensure that your product reaches you undamaged and timely.

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