ASP.Net Dedicated Server Hosting with Free SQL Server

  • Fully Managed Cpanel Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Data Backups
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Any Time Money Back Guarantee
  • 100 % Uptime Servers
  • Cheap Price Guarantee
  • Email Accounts
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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High-End Dedicated ASP.Net Web Hosting With Free SQL Server Plans & Price List

Plan-IDCoresProcessorRAMStorageBandwidthPrice/MonthBuy Now
INDS-112 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3128 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD Soft RAID 1Upto 100MbpsRs.9,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-2  24 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 1TB SSD Soft RAID 1Upto 250MbpsRs.12,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-3  12 Cores / 24 threads1 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3128 GB RAM3 X 1TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.14,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-4  24 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 2 X 1.92TB SSD  TB RAID 1Upto 1GbpsRs.19,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-5  24 Cores / 48 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680 V3384 GB RAM  2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.24,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-6  36 Cores / 72 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V3384 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.29,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-7  44 Cores / 88 threads2 x Intel Xeon E5-2696 V4512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.39,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-8  48 Cores / 96 threads2 x Platinum 8163512 GB RAM2 x 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.44,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-9  64 Cores / 128 threads1 x AMD EPYC 7742256 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 3 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.49,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-10128 Cores / 256 threads2 x AMD EPYC 7742512 GB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSD RAID 5Upto 1GbpsRs.69,999.00/- Monthly
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INDS-11128 Cores / 256 threads2 x AMD EPYC 7742 1 TB RAM2 X 480GB SSD RAID 1 For OS / 4 X 1.92TB SSDUpto 1GbpsRs.74,999.00/- Monthly
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Ensure that you have all the resources and keep your busy site running all the time without any performance issues using our Dedicated ASP.Net hosting with free SQL server in India at low price with supports any windows version, security, 100% server uptime, tier 4 data center, quick access to users in India and 24/7 technical support.

Any Windows And ASP.Net Hosting

We offer Dedicated ASP.Net hosting to the user with free SQL server for supporting any windows OS version and any version so that the user can use the server for any project or application workload.

Unlimited SQL Databases

We provide dedicated Microsoft hosting with unlimited SQL databases, FTP accounts, email accounts for storing and sharing a lot of information and accessing at any time whenever required with provided backup support.

Bullet Proof Security

Customer security is of utmost importance to us. Your Dedicated ASP.Net Webhosting servers are hosted in a place where we provide high-end security to the user equipment with certain DDoS protection techniques and security algorithms.

100%Dedicated Windows Server Uptime

Fully assured 100% uptime guarantee. We provide the users with 100% dedicated windows server uptime which covers the availability of the servers as well as all the network components in all our data centers.

Hosted In Tier 4 Data Center

We have a high end tier 4 data center in our location which is built up with secured HVAC systems, and is fault tolerant while still maintaining operations and will never have even single point of failure now as well as in further future.

Quick Access To Users Across India

We have our dealers and data centers across different locations in India where we host our user’s windows server as soon as possible once the order is placed without any location wise restrictions.


Additional information

Type of OS

VM Ware, Windows


128 GB, 16GB, 256 GB, 32 GB, 512 GB, 64 GB, 8GB

Max Storage

1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB, 12 TB, 24 TB

Type of Storage


Data Center Location


Remote Management


Type Of Hosting

Managed Dedicated Server

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Sushant Singh

    ServerBasket is my go-to for hosting. The ASP.Net hosting comes with free SQL Server which is unbeatable, fast, reliable, and budget-friendly.

  2. 07

    by Vivek Kumar

    ServerBasket exceeded my expectations. ASP.Net hosting with a free SQL Server is a perfect combo: fast servers, easy setup, and excellent support.

  3. 07

    by Sarika Thakur

    A solid hosting service and knowledgeable support team. Totally satisfied with the Dedicated hosting plan with bulletproof security, 100% uptime with many resources at best price. No issues so far.

  4. 07

    by Murari Chandra Mishra

    Hosting services are not really worth for the money I pay. Not at all impressed with the services, my website faced downtime almost all once every week. Not the great services

  5. 07

    by Nafey siddiqui

    we hosted our textile website with a dedicated ASP.NET hosting plan. So far we faced no issues with their hosting service. MS SQL load is really very quick to process and store our large volumes of data. Perfect choice to developer and company business sites

  6. 07

    by Sandeep IVN

    After trying many hosting services, I opted for ASP.NET hosting services to host my application. I started with their lowest plan as suggested by their sales team. I was really impressed with the services

  7. 07

    by Praveen kumar

    It seemed to be the best dedicated ASP.NET hosting service with top-notch assistance anytime I need. They perfectly resolved all the issues I faced, the support team was really helpful in all aspects.


Does your ASP.NET web hosting service support the latest versions of ASP.NET?

Our ASP.NET web hosting with free SQL database service supports the latest ASP.NET versions, including 4.8.1, 4.7.2, 4.7.1, 4.7, 4.6, and 4.5.2.

Why should I choose dedicated ASP.NET hosting?

ASP.NET web hosting uncovers a series of advantages for users enabling advanced web development to create dynamic web pages, applications, and services. It succeeds in bringing you the advantages of improved agility in application development, user-friendliness, cost benefits, cross-platform usability, enhanced performance and security, extended support from Microsoft, etc. ASP.NET is a perfect fit for businesses that run huge inventories, customized CRM applications, Warehouse solutions, applications driven by Business intelligence, Accounting/bookkeeping systems, Logistics & supply chain administration solutions, and so on. An ASP.NET dedicated server exclusively reserves all the server resources for you, with complete control over OS, network, hardware, server and control panel settings, configuration, security, support services, and others.

What control panel options do you offer for ASP.NET hosting?

Accentuate your hosting experience with a portfolio of control panel options for your ASP.NET hosting, such as Plesk, zPanel, H-Sphere, V-Deck, SolidCP, Website Panel, MSP Control, and others. Our hosting services aided by advanced control panels deliver the easiest account administration, user control, advanced monitoring, DNS, DBs, Emails (Autoresponders, greylisting, email routing, Spam filters, etc.), and Domains (sub-domains, Aliases, Zone, etc.) management, file sharing, web administration, browser control, security implementation, one-click installation, SSL, PHP support, etc.

Is one-click installation service available?

ServerBasket’s ASP.NET dedicated server hosting offers one-click installations for over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Website Builders - Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Hostinger, GoDaddy, etc. Create websites on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML hardwired with security and the potential to scale to millions of visitors and users. Our servers support all the famed databases like MSSQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and DB2, along with non-relational DBs - Azure Cosmos DB, MongoDB, Redis, etc.

Do you offer free migration to your hosting environment?

SB offers free-of-cost website migration, post-migration advantages of checking your website’s response and speed, indexability, testing redirects and setting up 301 redirects, updating DNS, site crawling, removing old hosting accounts, pointing the domain name to a new host, testing SSL certificates, etc. Our migration support offers P2P, P2V, V2V, cloud migration of Files, Folders, Applications, Databases, OS, Content - text, image, and videos, CMS, Design elements - themes, plugins, SEO - current site URL, page inventory, internal links, canonical, navigation, etc., Structure, Domain, and Functionality.

How can I host 2 websites on one ASP.NET web hosting account?

You can host any number of domains or websites on the ASP.NET web hosting server by creating separate directories for each domain. The all-inclusive control panel of our hosting service allows you to manage Aliases, Sub-domains, and Add-on domains with simple clicks, it also enables you to administer emails - routing, global filters, autoresponders, email disk usage, default addresses, etc., DNS zones, websites, and other settings with ease. Brand protection, publicity, and promotion is one of the prominent gains from the resources to host multiple domains featuring higher turnover, improved website speed, user error immunity, etc.

How is security managed in ASP.NET dedicated server hosting with Free SQL server?

Our ASP.NET dedicated server hosting highly prioritizes the security of your applications, data, files, website, network, user identity, etc. with a strong firewall to monitor and control network traffic, SSL encryption to safeguard data transmission, regular upgrades to ensure that server software is up to date, and security patches and hardening. Precisely, our access control mechanisms limit access to only authorized users, whereas intrusion detection systems look for unusual activities, and encryption of stored and in-transit data, protecting sensitive information stored in SQL server databases. Our scheduled security audits pool information on the status of password strength, user permissions, system logs, physical security - bezel locking kits, code review, account settings, and policies, removal of obsolete packages, event logs for application performance insights, patching of vulnerabilities, and so on.

What level of technical support is available for ASP.NET dedicated server hosting?

Our team of experts and sales executives is only a call away to assist you 24/7/365 with any technical issues and add-ons, scalability requests, etc. Enjoy rapid and effective help from us on the reseller option, remedial measures to enhance server performance, training your employees on accessing control panel settings, services that involve managing databases, files, applications, backups, SSL certificates, network bandwidth, value-added services like performance tuning, hardware upgradation, managed services - monitoring, alerts, and resolution of core services, security issues, and so on.

Do you provide backup for entire database?

We offer full, incremental, and differential backup options including a compressed copy for your storage, a cloud-based automated backup option with one-click restoration, continuous monitoring of backups, and scanning to ensure backups are not compromised. Choose to back up your files, folders, applications, or entire databases daily/weekly/monthly/in custom schedules with full control over the duration and frequency of the backup.

What operating systems are supported on the ASP.NET dedicated server hosting?

ASP.NET dedicated server hosting backed by our robust servers offers you a choice of Windows Server OS editions of 2022, 2019, 2016, and 2012, and MS SQL versions of 2022, 2019, 2017, 2012, 2005, and 7.0. They further support Node.js, Python, Ruby, JDBC, and ADO.NET with connector drivers, Visual Studio 2022/2019/2015/2013 editions, and related technologies like ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, LINQ, Razor View Engine, WCF RIA, and Web Deploy.

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