Dell, HP, IBM Server Hard Drives Price List

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  • Dell, HP, IBM Server Hard Drives Price List
  • Price List For Hard Drives
  • Compatible with all Servers
  • Choose Hard Drives with Exact part Number
  • Expand Storage at Affordable Price
  • Great Discounts On Bulk HP Servers
  • 7 Days Return Back Policy
  • Free Installation Support
  • Assured Warranty
  • Instant Shipping All Over India

Check out the budget friendly Dell,HP,IBM, Cisco,servers price list in India.Choose from a wide range of hard drive brands available. Get great discounts on bulk orders, avail free installation support and super quick delivery to any loation in India.

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Are you running out of storage space on your server? Looking to expand the storage capacity of your Dell, HP, IBM or any other server at the lowest price? Then upgrade your server storage at a budget-friendly price by purchasing the best Server HDDs available with us. Choose from a wide range of  Server hard drives with Pricing of different storage capacities, i.e. 600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB, 1.8TB, 2TB, 4TB etc. that are compatible with servers of all brands including Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Super micro, Fujitsu etc. Scroll down to check the end to end server hard drives price list and choose the best one that suits well for your server. Not only these server HDDs are affordable, but also give you the huge storage space required to store/back everything up. Whether you purchase one or more Server Hard Disks, we offer free remote installation support, best warranty, and fast and secure delivery all across India for any number of Server hard disks purchased from our store.

Complete Price List of All Brands Hard Drives

Looking for low priced high-quality server hard drives that come with an excellent warranty? Then look at all branded Server Hard Drives Price List. From us, you can purchase hard drives based on the brand, model, form factor, transfer speed, part numbers etc. at best price in India. In this Server Hard Drives price list, you can find HDDs that are compatible with all leading server brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Fujitsu etc.

Expand Storage at Affordable Price

Is your business growing and need more storage space on your server? Want to expand the storage space but having budget issues? If you are looking for a reliable store that offers enterprise grade hard drives at the lowest price without compromising on quality, Server Basket is the right place. Go through the below-mentioned server Hard Drives price list, select the server hard disks that is compatible with your server at a great discounted price.

Choose Hard Drives with Exact Part Number

We have a wide range of server hard drives price list of various storage capacities such as 600GB,900GB,1.8TB,2TB,4TB etc. from all leading brands along with their part numbers. So if you have a hard drive requirement with a specific part number, scroll down this page and search for the part number on the Server hard Drives price list. Contact us right now if you are unable to find out the hard drive with the part number you are looking for.

Great Discounts on Bulk Orders

Does your organization has a massive number of servers and want to upgrade their storage? Then buy HDDs in bulk quantity from Server Basket and save your investment. You can make bulk purchases of a single brand or multiple brands, and avail more discounts. Our pricing is very low, and we offer better discounts than other sellers in India.

7 Days Return Back Policy

For any genuine reason like if you face any performance-related issues or if you find any disk error, you can return the hard drive back to us within seven days from the original purchase date for a refund or replacement. The hard drives must be returned in the original condition safely along with the bill.

Remote Installation Support at Free of Cost

If you don’t have someone in your team who can install the hard drive, then you don’t need to hire a technical for the HDD installation because we provide installation support at no extra cost. Right after receiving the hard drive, you can contact us through email, phone or live chat for installation support. Our well trained and experienced staff will remotely help you in installing the hard drive successfully.

Assured Warranty

No matter what brand and model you choose, every server hard drive that we sell comes backed by a strong warranty. All the brand new hard drives come with a strong warranty for a period of up to one year from the purchased date and, we provide refurbished HDDs with a 90-day warranty. You can ask for a replacement if the Server hard drives fail to work during the active warranty period.

Instant Shipping All Over India

Do you have an urgent requirement of Hard Disk Drive? Order the hard drive that is compatible with your server and receive it at a lightning-fast speed at your doorstep. Once the order is confirmed, we test the hard drive and ship it immediately to your address. We have associated with the best shipping partners who can quickly deliver your HDD to any location in India, be it a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad or any other remote area.

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