Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 Server


    • FORM FACTOR – Tower server
    • PROCESSOR – Intel Core i3-2100 processor
    • MAX RAM -2 GB – 32 GB
    • HARD DISK – 1 Tb
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Fujistu Primergy TX100S3 server is a computer of its kind in the market and preferred for business especially SMEs and offices that does a lot of internetworks. It has favorable spes, best price, sale price, raid, cooling system, dimensions, datasheet, manual, weight, and other features that make it very unique compared to other desktops in the market. It is cost-effective because of its performance, efficiency, and service durability.

Quick Specifications of Fujistu Primergy TX100S3 server

The Fujistu Primergy TX100S3 server has Intel Celeron, Xeon, Pentium, or Core i3 processor to ensure high speed. It has up to 32GB of RAM. It has options for power system between Power Supply Unit (PSU) of 85% efficiency and 95% efficiency of energy and 0-Watt functionality. The server management is by the ServerView Operations Manager and PDA that are supplied. The main memory is DDR3 UDIMM with 1333MHz speed and 21GB/s and 10.6GB/s in dual and single channel mode. Has SATA raid 5/6 that has BBU.

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 server – Flexible Foundations for Infrastructure Tasks

The computer has flexible foundations that makes is best suited for many tasks. It has ideal great price-performance for most server tasks that, include file, web and office applications, print among others. Has many DDR slots to suit each task and optional flexible power source options between 200V- 240V.

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 Server – Cost Effective Performance

The computer has a cost benefit has been proven to have a cost benefit because of its experience in Green IT. It performs many server tasks and has the ability to be connected to many peripheral devices and comes with a number of expansion slots. Makes it suitable for general business and office use.

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 Server – Great Storage

Has 4 memory slots type DIMM (DDR3) with min. -max. Capacity of 2GB-32GB. Its memory protection is achieved through ECC. Has several memory modules of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. This storage capacity enhances its use in SMA businesses and for general use

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 Server – Intelligent Sever Management

Server management is done by the ServerView Operations Management and PDA technology provided by Fujitsu. The technology performs the all-time monitoring with all server status, monitors temperature, and report errors and offer detailed status for processor and memory.

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 Server – Silent, Compact and Easy to Deploy

The computer has a low noise level. Has an effective airflow system design. This ensures it is silent for ergonomic conditions for work. Its tower housing type ensures that it can be easily placed in the working areas.

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 server – Rich set of optional features

It is available in a favorable dimension of 175 by 419 by 395 mm to ensure that it does not occupy a bigger space. Its weight adds up to 14Kg. This ensures that it can rest on all surfaces without causing damages.

Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3 server – Overall money saves – Available at Best Price

The machine power has 0 watt ratings. This ensures that it consumes no energy and thus has less heat loss. Its fan is silent system.


Additional information



Server Type



Intel Xeon E3-1220v2

No of Processors



32 GB

Max Storage

3 TB

RAID Controllers


Power Supply


No of Lan Ports


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