Managed VPS Hosting for WordPress

 499.00 999.00 (-50%)

  • VPS Server Hosting for Wordpress
  • Quick Upgrade to VPS server
  • Free Account Migration
  • 7 Days Risk-Free Trial on windows, Linux VPS servers
  • Bulletproof Security
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full Root Access
  • High Performance SSD storage
  • 100% Uptime
  • 24/7/365 certified expert support
  • Exclusive of Taxes
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Product IDSpecifications Price - 3 Years PlanBuy Now
VPS-1Dual Core CPU/ 4 GB RAM/ 50 GB SSD / 1IP/ CentOS/ WindowsRs. 499 / Month
VPS-2Dual Core CPU/ 6 GB RAM/ 100 GB SSD / 1IP/ CentOS/WindowsRs. 749 / Month
VPS-3Quad core CPU/ 12 GB RAM/ 200GB SSD/ 1IP/ CentOS/WindowsRs. 1499 / Month
VPS-4Hexa Core CPU/ 16 GB RAM/ 500GB SSD/ / 1IP CentOS/Windows Rs. 1,999 / Month
VPS-5Octa core/ 32 GB RAM / 650 GB SSD / 1IP / CentOS/Windows
Rs. 2,499 / Month

Do you need a fast and reliable hosting experience for your WordPress content management system (CMS)? Are you looking for a managed VPS WordPress hosting provider that will take care of all your website and server-related tasks and give you a hassle-free WordPress VPS experience? Server Basket offers you the best VPS hosting for WordPress by providing effective and high performing servers for all WordPress websites. These servers are powered by cPanel, and you get their full root access to exercise control over them. They also have load balancing features and provide a clustered environment to keep your site prepared for traffic spikes. Your VPS hosting for WordPress plan comes with WordPress installed and ready to use. We perform daily and weekly automated backups for your databases, files and everything on your site. And we keep your site safe by applying all the security updates and the up to the minute version of WordPress. Our hosting plan includes unlimited website hosting, and the servers give you scalable resources, high bandwidth and uptime. Our technical team is always available to take care of any issues related to websites or the host servers.

Fully Managed and Rapid Provisioning

We provide the best VPS for WordPress, which is fully managed by us. We set the whole environment - software as well as hardware, required to support your WordPress sites. Everything is specific to your WordPress application – to increase speeds, resolve any security issues and give you power-packed and beneficial features. Server Basket offers you an unrivalled WordPress platform that is pre-installed and provisioned to utilize every single feature of your WordPress.

Powered by cPanel with Full Root Access

Our WordPress servers are powered by cPanel, which gives you full root access for the control you want. You can control and manage your server as per your requirements. This will also help you in taking care of your business tasks much quicker, without having to wait for tech support for everything. You can make any changes in the server yourself and monitor server functioning using management dashboards.

Automated Daily and Weekly Backups

Our powerful servers are fully provisioned for automated daily and weekly backups. We back up everything related to your WordPress website and keep its safe version on our backup servers. This ensures the security of your files and databases. In case of any data loss and whenever you need to restore your files, you can do it with just one click. We make sure that our platform gives you the newest version of WordPress.

Unlimited Website Hosting with scalable RAM

With our managed WordPress VPS hosting, you can host unlimited WordPress websites. There is no restriction; one hosting plan will cover any number of websites you want to host. Our host servers come with highly scalable RAM that boosts the performance of your sites. You can simultaneously access and operate different sites without any delays or disruptions. These servers dedicated to WordPress have built-in performance and speed.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Server Basket’s VPS servers for WordPress provide you with higher bandwidth which is unmetered. We do not meter the bandwidth you use, nor we keep any tabs on your usage. Even for your high bandwidth use, we do not charge anything extra. High bandwidth enables speedier access and loading of your sites and faster uploading and downloading of data on them. Our hosting plans’ prices do not depend on the amount of your sites’ traffic.

100% Uptime Guarantee

Our servers keep your WordPress sites always in available mode by providing the highest uptime of 100%. Our state-of-the-art data centers and the most advanced network infrastructure make it possible to deliver the best uptime for you. You need not worry about any downtime or network latency with our VPS for WordPress hosting service. Rest assured that your WordPress platform and sites will always be up and running.

Free 24/7 Technical Support

You can manage and control your server yourself to a good extent with the cPanel control. But still, if you face any issues with functioning of the server or performance of any of the sites, we are there to help you. Our team of experts is available to assist you 24/7 with any technical issues. Just reach out to them via phone or live chat, they will be quick to respond to your requests.
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Managed VPS Hosting for WordPress

 499.00 999.00 (-50%)

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