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VPS Hosting For XAMPP (Windows)

MicroQuad Core CPU8GB200GB SSDWindowsRs. 2,099 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
MegaHexa Core CPU16GB300GB SSDWindowsRs. 2,699 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
GigaOcta Core CPU32GB500GB SSDWindowsRs. 3,299 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
TeraOcta Core CPU48GB650GB SSDWindowsRs. 4,199 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial

VPS Hosting For XAMPP (Linux)

MicroQuad Core CPU8GB200GB SSDCentOSRs. 1,799 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
MegaHexa Core CPU16GB300GB SSDCentOSRs. 2,399 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
GigaOcta Core CPU32GB500GB SSDCentOSRs. 2,999 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial
TeraOcta Core CPU48GB650GB SSDCentOSRs. 3,899 / M
Get 3 Days Free Trial

VPS Hosting For XAMPP

Specifications MicroMegaGigaTera


Quad Core CPU Hexa Core CPUOcta CoreOcta Core


200 GB300 GB500 GB650GB


8 GB16 GB32 GB48 GB
Windows 1 Month PlanRs. 3,499/ MonthRs. 4,499/ MonthRs. 5, 499/ MonthRs. 6,999/ Month
Windows 3 Months PlanRs. 3,324/ MonthRs. 4,274/ MonthRs. 5,224/ MonthRs. 6,649/ Month
Windows 6 Months PlanRs. 3,149/ MonthRs. 4,049/ MonthRs. 4, 949/ MonthRs. 6,299/ Month
Windows 1 Year PlanRs. 2,799/ MonthRs. 3,599/ MonthRs. 4,399/ MonthRs. 5,599/ Month
Windows 2 Years PlanRs. 2,449/ MonthRs. 3,149/ MonthRs. 3,849/ MonthRs. 4,899/ Month
Windows 3 Years PlanRs. 2,099/ MonthRs. 2,699/ MonthRs. 3,299/ MonthRs. 4,199/ Month
Buy-WindowsBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Linux 1 Month PlanRs. 2,999/ MonthRs. 3,999/ MonthRs. 4,999/ MonthRs. 6,499/ Month
Linux 3 Months PlanRs. 2,849/ MonthRs. 3,799/ MonthRs. 4,749/ MonthRs. 6,174/ Month
Linux 6 Months PlanRs. 2,699/ MonthRs. 3,599/ MonthRs. 4,499/ MonthRs. 5,849/ Month
Linux 1 Year PlanRs. 2,399/ MonthRs. 3,199/ MonthRs. 3,999/ MonthRs. 5,199/ Month
Linux 2 Years PlanRs. 2,099/ MonthRs. 2,799/ MonthRs. 3,499/ MonthRs. 4,549/ Month
Linux 3 Years PlanRs. 1,799/ MonthRs. 2,399/ MonthRs. 2,999/ MonthRs. 3,899/ Month
Buy-LinuxBuy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Do you need a package of software to serve your web solutions over multiple platforms? Are you looking for software that is highly secure and helps your developers to build and test their websites and applications on a local web server before releasing them?  XAMPP is the ideal solution for these requirements. XAMPP is an acronym for Cross-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. It is an open-source and free cross-platform web server that was developed by the Apache Friends. It comes as a package and comprises the Apache HTTP Server, MariaDB, and interpreters for scripts written in Perl and PHP programming languages. Server Basket offers a VPS hosting solution for XAMPP with flexible and cost-effective plans so that you enjoy all the benefits of XAMPP. Its installation is simple, and it is easy that even beginners can use it. It can handle many different administrative tasks and manage configurations, saving your valuable time. We also offer free installation assistance to help you in its setup. This user-friendly software is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems (OS). Our VPS hosting provides unmetered bandwidth and a consistent 100% uptime for the efficient functioning of your XAMPP.

MySQL DB Management in XAMPP

XAMPP is a web server that provides many different functionalities via the bundle of software it possesses. The software being a part of XAMPP is started or stopped through the XAMPP control panel. One key functionality delivered by XAMPP is the creation and management of the MySQL database. This is achieved by using phpMyAdmin, free and open-source software for the service of running and managing MySQL DB. It is a trustworthy web-based MYSQL admin solution written in PHP language.

Maintained by Apache Software Foundation

XAMPP uses an Apache Server for testing and running the webpages of local hosts. It was developed by the Apache Friends and is maintained by the Apache Software Foundation, which is an open-source community of developers. They are decentralized and distribute the software they develop under the terms of the Apache License as free and open-source software (FOSS). Each of their projects is managed by a team of technical experts who are volunteers and actively contribute to the project.

Easy to Use for Beginners

XAMPP web server has all the language help and tools built-in. It is ready to use, making it easy for the developers to host their code locally and also test it. It is a simple and light-weight Apache distribution that developers can easily use to create a local web server for testing needs. XAMPP has everything required to build a web server – server application, database, and scripting languages – all together in an extractable file. Even beginners can easily use it.

Easy Installation Experience

XAMPP is a cross-platform software, so it works well with different OSs like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. The installation process of XAMPP is easy but is different for all platforms. It is also supported by different file formats - .EXE, ZIP, and .7zip. During installation, the. EXE extension is the easiest to operate on. For all the OSs, there are simple but different steps that need to be followed to download and install the XAMPP software on your machines successfully.

Handles Administrative Tasks

XAMPP has a control panel using which the software in the XAMPP package can be efficiently managed. It also provides additional administrative software tools like PhpMyAdmin to access databases, Mercury mail server, FileZilla FTP server, and JSP Tomcat server. All these tools make the administration of the software easy, even by automating certain tasks. XAMPP as software is self-sufficient and can handle administrative tasks itself, such as checking the security and status, etc.

Available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS

XAMPP is a cross-platform software package supported by different platforms like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. We have our VPS hosting available for all these OSs. You can select VPS hosting for the platform you want. Configuration and installation of XAMPP may be different for these platforms, but performance wise, it works well on all these equally. And it is also easily available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Manage Configuration Changes at Low Price

We have different hosting plans for different configurations available for all the OS platforms supported by XAMPP. You can choose any configuration according to your website or application’s needs. And you can also change the configuration anytime with the changing needs. Our hosting plans are budget-friendly already; you don’t have to pay high for the configuration changes but just the nominal difference amount.

Free Installation Assistance

Installation of XAMPP is easy, but if any issues come up, we are there to assist you with our free installation assistance service. Our technical experts will make sure that all the steps for installation and configuration of XAMPP are followed and performed correctly. The installation procedure will be different according to the OS. We will guide you through each step and make sure that your XAMPP server is up and ready to use quickly.

100% Uptime by Server Basket

Once your XAMPP server is installed and ready to operate, it needs to be available all the time for your web development and testing tasks. Our VPS hosting delivers a regular 100% uptime so that there are no hurdles during your business operations. Our data centers are the most sophisticated and supported by hi-tech infrastructure and network connections. We maintain high security, both physical and digital. All this ensures the high availability of your applications and the continuity of your business.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Our XAMPP VPS hosting offers unmetered bandwidth, and you can use it as much as you like. There is no cap on the amount of data that you can transfer. We provide optimum server speed to enable you to have the maximum exchange of data at a faster speed. This saves you a lot of time and increases the overall performance. We put no limitations on our bandwidth to facilitate your business’ limitless success.

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