Are you seeking high-capacity server HDDs that ease the workflow at your enterprise? You are at the right place! ServerBasket offers a wide range of Small Form Factor 1.8TB SAS HDDs that utilize the SAS interface for numerous advantages such as lengthier cable run, higher bandwidth, improved throughput, and better reliability over the SATA interface operating at 10k RPM. The SAS storage hard disk drives at SB are multi-server compatible with a range of part numbers and are available in different supporting speeds of 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s plugged by SAS 2 & 3 interfaces. Additionally, the SAS hard drives are backward compatible with previous SAS interface versions and offer use in shared storage networks for modern-day versatile and fast-growing needs of HPC, multi-media, cloud computing, etc.

Purchase the 1.8TB SAS hard disk drives from renowned manufacturers like Dell, IBM, HP, Seagate, and others at budget-friendly prices at the ServerBasket store. Enjoy numerous advantages, including hassle-free returns and same-day shipping to all cities of India. We take immense pride in offering genuine products as each item undergoes rigorous testing before being dispatched. Our dedicated team is available around the clock to provide guidance and troubleshooting assistance.

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