Seagate SAS HDD


Do you need a hard disk drive with high capacity, suitable for challenging applications, and essential to speed and greater availability of your server system? Then, a Seagate SAS HDD is the product for you, which generally has 1.2 million hours of mean time between failure (MTBF). SAS HDDs from Seagate utilize a greater signal voltage and will be able to transfer data without losing data integrity. It supports a large number of data paths and has higher availability. Seagate SAS HDDs are designed for business applications, IT, cloud environments, and diverse workloads. They deliver effective performance and high data storage capacity for different systems like workstations, supercomputers, mainframes, and network servers. The SAS interface is structured to meet the upcoming generation computing requirements for enhanced manageability, flexibility, and performance.


Select from a Range of Storage Capacities

Storage capacity of SAS HDDs Seagate ranges up to 5TB with features like simple point-and-click backup, PC adaptability, lightweight, and a compact structure. Seagate 1TB and 2TB external hard drives offer easy and fast recovery and have solid and flexible sizes. Seagate 2TB SAS and 1TB hard drive HDDs decrease the loading time and lag.


SAS Interface for High Performance and Reliability

SAS provides a larger throughput and is highly reliable. SAS holds up extended cable runs among devices. The rise in RPMs enables the SAS HDD read-write heads to elevate the data and defeat the data interface pipe quickly, which means your system will have a speedy reaction. It is generally suitable for intense server applications.

Self-encrypting Drives (SEDs) for Better Data Security

Your data is kept safe with the help of Seagate Secure encryption hard drives. Even if you lost or misplaced your drives, or got them stolen, your data is safe. Seagate FDE drives are encrypted with the help of a unique encryption key. These drives come with an in-built cryptographic process, which helps in encrypting and decrypting the data.

Available in 2.5” and 3.5” Form Factor

The 2.5-inch or SFF drives with up to 2TB storage capacity are suitable for limited-space data centers. They are made for densely populated storage solutions that consume less power and load for high storage ability. The 3.5-inch or LFF drives have 50% more capacity and access to huge storage of unstructured data.


Designed for IT & Cloud Environments and Enterprise Applications

Seagate SAS HDDs are designed for the storage of huge data and applications and continuous operations to increase storage efficiency. At present, SAS HDDs direct the cloud exabyte market by providing the lowest prices per terabyte depending on a few factors like cost, storage capacity, performance, and data retention.


Hot-swappable for Easy Replacement

The Seagate SAS hard disk drives have a hot-swap feature. It helps in replacing a drive when the system is running without turning off the server. The failed disks can be repaired and replaced, with a RAID setup providing redundancy during a drive failure.


Assured Warranty from ServerBasket

We instantaneously offer you free replacements and repairs if you face any problem with the Seagate SAS HDDs. To assure you of our product, we offer a warranty of 90 days.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Instant Shipping and Quick Delivery

We offer our customers the best business solutions, and quick delivery is one of them. We deliver your Seagate SAS HDDs within 2-3 working days, even though your delivery partners are located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Noida, Pune, Hyderabad, and various remote locations.

24/7 Technical Assistance

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If you have any issue with the functioning of our product, our expert technical team will solve it. It handles issues related to services, monitors them, and restarts services. Our technical support team will help you with the successful installation of the hard drive.

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