Refurbished Blade Servers

Refurbished Blade Servers

Buy Grade ‘A’ Quality HP, Dell, IBM Refurbished Blade Servers In India

Buy Used Refurbished blade servers online from server basket at the lowest price available in the market. All brands of blade servers are available with us, such as HP, Dell, IBM, etc. we sell High quality equipped refurbished servers which comes with 90 days warranty. If you are running out of investments, and looking for a blade server which delivers high performance for your larger enterprise, then server basket is solely the best choice to buy from. We assure quality, which equals to the newer one and is available for the lowest possible price. We ship the blade servers for free, to any location in India.

Different Brands

Wide Variety of Refurbished Blade Server Brands

A wide range of brands of Used Refurbished blade servers is available from server basket such as Dell, IBM, HP and lot more. Once these blade servers are installed, you can add additional servers, by simply sliding the servers into another additional bays. All brands of the refurbished blade servers may slightly vary when it comes to the configuration but delivers the same certain amount of higher performance and efficiency.

End To End Configuration

End to End Configuration

Any configuration demanded is ready. We provide, configure and customize the blade servers based on the requirements. Once you are clear with the kind of blade server you have been looking for, share it with us, and we will provide 100% exact to the kind of configuration specifications is demanded. Server basket employees experienced and expert technicians who never fails to keep the legacy up.

Grade ‘A’ Quality

Grade ‘A’ Quality Blade Servers

We do not compromise on the quality of the equipped Used Refurbished blade servers that are up for sale. Refurbished blade servers acquired by the large data centers since they have the ability to fit many servers into a single rack and provide high processing power. Refurbished blade servers are a boon for high computing requirement of the enterprise storage system such as NAS and SAN. Blade servers show up quality high processing power, taking up minimal space and charging minimal costs. Reduces power consumptions and improves power management. Our refurbished blade servers are Grade ‘A’ quality servers to invest on, often lower the management costs.

Bulk Orders

Free Chassis on Bulk Orders

There is no limit to the number of Used Refurbished blade servers to be ordered. We supply any number of blade servers as per the requirements. By ordering in a huge amount, you can avail free chassis from server basket. The chassis of the blade servers supply power to multiple servers, proving to reduce the total consumption of power costs.

Return Back Policy

7 Days Return Back Policy

If the blade server that is delivered is not doing well with the business needs, then there is no certain way to panic. You can return it to us before 7 days from the date of purchase. Or you can ask for the replacement of it, with the required specifications. Also, avail 90 days warranty. Importantly, the warranty can be claimed only on genuine issues.

Instant Delivery

Free Delivery Throughout India

We deliver desired Used Refurbished blade server at free of cost to your home or office location as requested. We can deliver anywhere in India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. we deliver your product within 2-4 business days sealed in a safe package. We are responsible for any transportation damages and delays. You can experience happy shopping comfort at the server basket online store with best in class services.

Lowest Price Guaranty

Lowest Price Guaranty

We assure the most economical price guarantee. Why go anywhere and waste your time searching for the best low price, when server basket is making it readily available everything under one roof. Cheaply refurbished blade servers of several brands, with the minimal amount possible and with any required configurations. We are surely the top trusted online stores when it comes to delivering the best products under the pocket-friendly prices. Why think twice?? Order it immediately.

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