Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade Server

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  • DIMMS Slots : 24
  • Max Supported RAM : 1.5TB
  • Power Supply : 2700W / 3000W
  • Processor : Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 Family
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  • Remote Installation Support
  • 100% Tested and Verified
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 90-Day Warranty
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Do you have a data center that regularly process large amount of data? Are you looking for an affordable server that is effective and powerful? Then the refurbished Dell M630 Blade Server offered by Server Basket is the right option for your business requirements. The Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade Server is ideal for organizations dealing with demanding applications as it delivers powerful performance. The flexible and scalable design of the Dell M630 server allows administrators to optimize the I/O performance to meet the present and future business needs. Purchase Sell Dell M630 blade server at best price in India from Server Basket and get 90 days warranty, free tech support and quick shipping in India.

Greater Processing Power

Get the processing power that you need to run demanding applications with the Dell PowerEdge M630 server .This Dell Blade server supports the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processors including CPUs like Intel Xeon E5-2699A, E5-2699R, E5-2699, E5-2698, E5-2697, E5-2695, E5-2690, E5-2687 Processors etc which are exclusively designed to boost the performance of your virtual windows. Plenty of cores along with the greater memory bandwidth allow you to create and run higher performing virtual machines.

Supports Virtualization

With the best processors on-board, embedded hypervisor, expanded memory footprint, and I/O’s, the Dell PowerEdge M630 blade server guarantees substantial virtual machine per server capacity. The latest embedded technologies in this blade server simplifies your virtual infrastructures and also comes with the option of factory integrated virtualization capabilities.

Mammoth Memory Power

The Refurbished Dell M630 Blade server supports both LRDIMM and RDIMM memory. With 24 DIMMs on board, the Refurbished Dell M630 provides a maximum memory capacity of 1.5TB with a memory speed of upto 2400MT/s depending on the processor.

Huge Data Storage Capacity

The Refurbished Dell M630 comes with excellent storage options. The M630 server blade is compatible with upto two 2.5” PCIe SSDs and four 1.8” SSD drives. Apart from these, the system supports several storage options including SATA SSDs and HDDs, SAS, Express Flash NVME PCIe SSDs.

Save Money With Refurbished M630 Server

Are you running a small data center? Low on IT budget? Don’t worry ,Server Basket is not only offering you the refurbished dell PowerEdge M630 server at amore discounted price that you will find nowhere else in the market. Being the used servers, the refurbished Dell M630 Blade Server comes at a very little portion of the cost of a new Dell M630 Blade Server.

Dell PowerEdge M630 Server For 3D Rendering

Drive the most demanding visualization and video rendering workloads easily with the powerful Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade server. Enhance your visuals to create amazing shots using any of the 3D rendering softwares including VRAY, Maxwell, Felix Render, Modo, 3DS Max, Octane Render.

Delivered Anywhere in India

Your Dell PowerEdge M630 server will be shipped on the same day when the order comes in. We assure you receive the low priced Dell M630 at your doorstep within 2-3 business days after placing the order. We have associated with top shipping companies in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Indore, Surat, Jaipur, Bhopal etc. which assure secure delivery of Dell M630 Blade server at your location without a single scratch.

Free Pre-sales Help

Take the advantage of our free pre sales assistance where you would be provided with all the configuration details of the Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade server. You can speak with our sales team and get a free quote on the configuration that best suits to your business requirements. Depending on your application needs, our team would provide the Dell M630 blade server with the specifications that you require with the lowest possible quote.

90 Days Warranty

We believe in the quality of servers we offer. For your peace of mind, we offer complete 90 days warranty on the Dell M630 server.

Built Around M1000e Chassis

This energy efficient server is designed exclusively designed for Dell’s M1000e blade enclosure. The M1000e chassis offers power, flexibility, and thermal efficiency with scalability for future needs. With M1000e Chassis, you can easily deploy and manage the system, while minimizing cooling consumption and energy.

24/7 Tech Support

Need help with issues or have any questions regarding the Dell M630 blade server? Then get in touch with us to get instant support on your issues with the server. We have an in-house dedicated technical support team who make sure that all the issues will be resolved within a few minutes after raising the request. Our expert support staff is available round the clock to assist you anytime via phone call, live chat and email.

Refurbished Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade Server E5-2600 V4 Series CPUs List:

Sr NoProduct DescriptionPart NumberBuy Now
1Intel Xeon E5-2603 v4 (6c, 1.7GHz, 15MB, 85W)CM8066002032805
Buy Now
2Intel Xeon E5-2608L v4 (8c, 1.6GHz, 20MB, 50W)
CM8066002045102Buy Now
3Intel Xeon E5-2609 v4 (8c, 1.7GHz, 20MB, 85W)CM8066002032901
Buy Now
4Intel Xeon E5-2618L v4 (10c, 2.2GHz, 25MB, 75W)CM8066002061300Buy Now
5Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 (8c, 2.1GHz, 20MB, 85W)CM8066002032201
Buy Now
6Intel Xeon E5-2623 v4 (4c, 2.6GHz, 10MB, 85W)CM8066002402400Buy Now
7Intel Xeon E5-2628L v4 (12c, 1.9GHz, 30MB, 75W)CM8066002044903Buy Now
8Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 (10c, 2.2GHz, 25MB, 85W)CM8066002032301
Buy Now
9Intel Xeon E5-2630L v4 (10c,1.8GHz,25MB,55W)CM8066002033202Buy Now
Intel Xeon E5-2637 v4 (4c,3.5GHz,15MB,135W)CM8066002041100Buy Now
11Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 (10c,2.4GHz,25MB,90W)
Buy Now
12Intel Xeon E5-2643 v4 (6c,3.4GHz,20MB,135W)
Buy Now
13Intel Xeon E5-2648L v4 (14c,1.8GHz,35MB,75W)
Buy Now
14Intel Xeon E5-2650 v4 (12c,2.2GHz,30MB,105W)
Buy Now
15Intel Xeon E5-2650L v4 (14c,1.7GHz,35MB,65W)
Buy Now
16Intel Xeon E5-2658 v4 (14c,2.3GHz,35MB,105W)
Buy Now
17Intel Xeon E5-2660 v4 (14c,2GHz,35MB,105W)
Buy Now
18Intel Xeon E5-2667 v4 (8c,3.2GHz,25MB,135W)
Buy Now
19Intel Xeon E5-2673 v4 (20c,2.3GHz,50MB,135W)
Buy Now
20Intel Xeon E5-2679 v4 (20c,2.5GHz,50MB,200W)
Buy Now
21Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4 (14c,2.4GHz,35MB,120W)
Buy Now
22Intel Xeon E5-2683 v4 (16c,2.1GHz,40MB,120W)CM8066002023604
Buy Now
23Intel Xeon E5-2686 v4 (18c,2.3GHz,45MB,145W)CM8066002685800 Buy Now
24Intel Xeon E5-2687W v4 (12c,3GHz,30MB,160W)CM8066002042802
Buy Now
25Intel Xeon E5-2689 v4 (10c,3.1GHz,25MB,165W)CM8066002648200Buy Now
26Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4 (14c,2.6GHz,35MB,135W)CM8066002030908
Buy Now
27Intel Xeon E5-2695 v4 (18c,2.1GHz,45MB,120W) CM8066002023801
Buy Now
28Intel Xeon E5-2697 v4 (18c,2.3GHz,45MB,145W)CM8066002023907
Buy Now
29Intel Xeon E5-2697A v4 (16c,2.6GHz,40MB,145W)CM8066002645900Buy Now
30Intel Xeon E5-2698 v4 (20c,2.2GHz,50MB,135W)CM8066002024000Buy Now
31Intel Xeon E5-2699 v4 (22c,2.2GHz,55MB,145W)
CM8066002022506Buy Now
32Intel Xeon E5-2699A v4 (22c,2.4GHz,55MB,145W)CM8066003197800Buy Now
33Intel Xeon E5-2699R v4 (22c,2.2GHz,55MB,145W)CM8066003216500Buy Now


Additional information



Form Factor

Half-height blade with up to 16 nodes in a 10U M1000e chassis


Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4

No of Processors



Intel C610 series



RAID Controllers


Power Supply

2700W Platinum and 3000W Titanium

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