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    Refurb Rendering Server Online

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rendering server

Do you want your rendering experience to be exceptional and the resulting renders to be of superior quality? Do you want your computer to give you the best 3D rendering platform with faster loading times and lesser costs? Purchase or lease a rendering server from Server Basket and utilize its power to boost your graphics performance extensively. We offer configured powerful GPU rendering servers for sale and rent that will enhance your rendering app’s performance to give you excellent realistic images and videos using 2D or 3D models. These power-packed devices are built to make your creative workloads less challenging. Now, experiment more and create high quality renders with our performance-oriented and efficient rendering servers. Supported by Intel Xeon processors and high-end GPUs, these servers help you handle graphics-intensive tasks like 3D animation, rendering, and computer graphics (CG). Creative professionals and designers can get these advanced servers having all the essential components for rendering at budget-friendly prices from us. They come with a warranty for service, repairs and replacement, and free installation support from us. We deliver your servers swiftly and safely to any location across India.

Buy/Lease Rendering Servers at Low Price

Server Basket has a wide range of rendering servers to offer – for sale as well as rentals. You can choose a new server or a refurbished one, according to your need and budget. You can opt to buy or rent. We have all options available. And our prices are lower than the other sellers. Even our rental plans are budget-friendly. So, you get high-quality rendering servers from us without feeling the pinch in your pocket.

 Create High-Resolution Visuals

You may be creating or editing a video, rendering a completed video, or adding effects to it, or you may be using any rendering app, our powerful rendering server will let you create high-resolution visuals and enhance your graphics performance to a much higher level. Our reliable servers bring with them the latest hardware, high-performing processors, high capacities for memory and storage, and advanced GPUs.

Budget-Friendly Servers for Designers

If you work in the design field, rendering, 3D animation, simulation, and CG are a part of your profile. And you need the best resources and platform to maximize your graphics and rendering performance. Our rendering server prices are economical. You can choose different configurations suiting your requirements and budget. If you have a low budget, you can go for a refurbished server instead of a new or a rented one. We have the best options available for you.

Boosted by Intel Xeon CPUs

Our rendering servers are powered by the Intel Xeon CPUs, which give you a higher core count and improved performance. If you have a dedicated system for rendering, a CPU from the Intel Xeon E5 2600 processor family or an Intel i7 6950X will work the best for you. These CPUs use the ECC registered memory and deliver unrivaled performance, stability, and reliability.

Powerful Servers with High-End GPUs

Our rendering servers support high-end GPUs that allow you to seamlessly perform multi-threaded projects like animation, rendering, and simulation. These powerful servers work well with hi-tech GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD. GPUs allow you the flexibility to upgrade your systems fast with the changing needs. In present times, creative production is not possible without a good GPU. GPUs also enable parallel processing, which helps you in performing multiple tasks at the same time.

Much Faster than CPU Rendering

GPU rendering is much faster than CPU rendering. A CPU can handle particular individual tasks in series, but a GPU renderer works in speed up to 100 times faster and can handle numerous tasks that need parallel computations and huge data caches. GPUs come with better memory capacity and processing power. They enable quicker processing and ease of making changes, thus saving time and enhancing your video rendering considerably.

Best Servers for CG & Animation Works

You could be responsible for displaying weather forecasts or charts and graphs on the screen, animating graphics or pictures in movies or video games as a graphics designer or an animator in the field of media and entertainment. Professionals in this field use computer graphics and animation to work tremendously. Our rendering servers with the most advanced resources, graphics, and GPUs are the best servers for your CG and animation workloads.

Hassle-Free Installation Support

Your business and satisfaction are our top priorities. It is our responsibility to see that your rendering server is ready and gives you the desired performance. Our team of technical experts helps you in the installation and setup of your server system so that it can take on your business operations. You do not have to take any trouble; our team takes care that the server is installed without any hassles, and you can start using it instantly.

Instant Replacement Warranty

Though we sell only high-quality branded servers and their authentic spares, we offer an instant replacement warranty on our rendering servers for any non-functioning components. This warranty for part replacement and repair services comes with all the new and refurbished servers. We guarantee that your server will give you optimum performance without any issues. But if there is a component failure, we offer an immediate replacement of the faulty part or server.

Prompt Delivery Anywhere Across India

We are known for the prompt delivery of our products all across India, with the most secure packaging. Whenever you order your server from us, we will deliver it safely to you within 2-3 working days. We have partner shipping companies in all cities of the country which connect to their neighboring towns also. So, our delivery is always on time, even to the small towns and remote places.

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