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    Cheap Storage Servers

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Is your company looking for a reliable and affordable storage server to transfer data quickly and seamlessly over the network? Worry not! Buy the best 10Gbps NAS Storage servers from ServerBasket that are cheaper than cloud storage. These NAS storage servers are available from leading servers like HP, Dell, Huawei, Supermicro, QNap, etc. They allow data transmission over a network at a speed of 10Gbps and offer a private cloud-like environment. They feature data deduplication, compression, and replication to eliminate redundant data and make space for essential data. Additionally, these storage servers offer high availability, scalability, and increased data efficiency. Buy these 10Gbps NAS Storage servers from the SB online store for the best warranty, free and instant doorstep delivery, a simple return policy, and round-the-clock technical support benefits.


Extensive Collection of 10gbe NAS Servers: A Cheaper Alternative to Cloud Storage

At our platform, you will find an extensive range of 10Gbps NAS Storage server brands and models available at affordable prices, like Synology (RS3618xs+, DS3617xs, RS4017xs+), QNAP (TS-1685, TVS-871T, TS-873A), Buffalo (TeraStation 5810DN, Link station 520DN), etc. These self-hosted NAS storage servers are cheaper than cloud storage and offer efficient data storage and high-speed performance.


Storage Optimization with Highly Secure Protocol

These servers offer various security features–access control, encryption, user authentication, backup, and redundancy, enabling data integrity and secrecy to optimize storage. These storage servers provide data compression and deduplication, lowering storage costs and increasing storage efficiency. They suit data centers, corporations, and high-performance environments requiring tight security.

Maximize Storage with 10gbe NAS and iSCSI

Experience exceptional network efficiency and quick data transfer with storage servers having 10Gbps NAS and iSCSI protocols. These cutting-edge technologies will enhance server performance, ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity and effortless handling of large datasets, making them ideal for organizations needing high storage capabilities to operate demanding workloads and data-intensive applications.

Utilize Multiple Drive and Storage Variants

These NAS storage servers transfer data with 10Gbps speed and support various storage drives, i.e., HDD, SSD, and NVMe. NAS offers multiple advantages for applications. By mixing different drive types, NAS servers can deliver a combination of capacity, performance, and affordability. This versatility makes NAS servers an excellent choice for heavy workloads, providing a budget-friendly storage solution.


Configure with Ease, Accelerate Data-intensive Applications

10Gbps NAS storage servers provide an easy configuration and effective resource allocation. They offer fast network connectivity, scalability, and high availability, accelerating data-intensive apps and access to datasets while optimizing overall server efficiency and productivity–purchase 10Gbps NAS storage servers to enjoy boosted data processing and performance.


Enterprise-grade 10GbE Network for Collaboration and Data Availability

Using enterprise-grade 10Gbps NAS storage servers, employees can seamlessly associate with each other and ensure data availability. With a reliable 10GbE network, these storage servers provide improved collaboration capabilities, accelerated file sharing, and fast access to data. These enterprise NAS storage servers offer improved productivity, high performance, low latency, and effective management in challenging environments.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Test your Configuration with Our Network Experts

At SB, our technical network experts are available 24/7 to help you with installation-related queries. Reach us through call, text, or email for technical assistance and test and troubleshoot configuration. Additionally, we offer free demo assistance and a user installation guide.


Customer-friendly Warranty Service

We provide 1-year best warranty assurance on server purchases to build client’s confidence in our product. During that warranty period, if any malfunctioning defects or faults are detected, that part will be repaired free of cost, or replacement will be provided for the damaged part.

Instant Delivery All Over India

Get Ultra Fast Delivery

At ServerBasket, we offer doorstep delivery across India. Our delivery services extend to all major cities, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, etc. We deliver your product on time and zero shipping charges. Moreover, we also offer a 7-day return policy.

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