PowerVault ME4 Series

PowerVault ME4 Series

The PowerVault ME4 series of storage arrays from Dell EMC provides the crucial features of advanced storage to small and medium businesses with simplicity and affordability. The series offers three array models – ME4012, ME4024, and ME4084, which can be flexibly configured using from 12 to 84 storage drives, with a mix of HDDs and SSDs. These storage arrays with high-end storage features are very efficient direct-attached storage (DAS) or storage area network (SAN) solutions, and deliver an assured high performing computing. They work well with different operating systems (OSs) and drive a higher level of application performance for a broad range of applications and workloads. They come in modular form – 2U or 5U and can deliver reliable storage with performance of flash economically. These storage systems come with the latest security features for effective data protection. They have built-in all-inclusive software that improves its operations and enhances storage availability.

Efficient & Affordable SAN/DAS Storage Solutions

The PowerVault ME4 arrays are designed and optimized for DAS, and SAN virtualized workloads. With flexible connectivity, excellent IOPs, huge scale, and bandwidth, they can be directly attached to PowerEdge servers or used as shared SAN effectively. They deliver improved features and capacity, like 75% more drives that can increase the storage capacity by 122%, at affordable prices.

Supports Multiple Operating Systems

The PowerVault ME4 arrays support different OSs, in their multiple versions. They work well with Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 (U1), Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), virtualization hosts/hypervisors like Citrix XenServer, and VMware vSphere. They support all these on SAS host server, fibre channel host server, and iSCSI host server.

Improved Execution Speed with SSD Read Cache

The PowerVault ME4 series storage arrays offer scalability and flexibility that ensure your business applications always get reliable and speedy access to data without any issues. With their SSD read cache, the controller-based solution, they cache the ‘hot’ or most regularly accessed data onto the low latency SSDs. This improves the applications’ execution speed and accelerates the system performance dynamically.

Guarantees High-performance Computing Experience

All models of the PowerVault ME4 storage array series can flexibly take on as many workloads as possible, from small to large in scale, and deliver the best total cost of ownership. They can easily support virtualization and virtual desktops, HPC workloads and HPC parallel file systems, security and safety archives, backup and recovery, and many others.

Enhanced Storage Features for Maximum Performance

The PowerVault ME4 series brings simplicity in high capacity and performance, entry-level storage. The enhanced storage features like thin provisioning, storage consolidation, a quicker 12G SAS back end besides the powerful processors, more drives, and active controllers enable them to deliver maximized capacity (4PB) and performance – up to 5500 MB/sec bandwidth, and up to 320K IOPs performance.

100% Safe & Certified Security Features for Data Protection

The ME4 storage arrays have many certified and established security features that effectively protect your information and keep your valuable data safe. Remote replication, Virtual Disk Copy (VDC), self-encrypting drives (SEDs), and Snapshots, all of these high-end security features, are a part of an all-inclusive software that makes the data protection and management easy on these arrays.

Safe & Automatic Data Backups with ADAPT

The ADAPT software is a data protection tool that enables dynamic disk pooling, and distributes data across these drive pools. It allows maximum flexibility for faster rebuilds and simplified expansion, and provides inbuilt additional storage capacity. It is like distributed RAID but much faster than traditional types of RAIDS. It also helps in safe and automated data backups.

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