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Dell EMC PowerVault


Are you working on applications that generate huge amounts of data? In search of an ideal storage solution that offers all-around simplicity? You are on the right page, as Server Basket has the perfect solution for you. Dell PowerVault is a simple and efficient storage array that can support entry-level SAN and DAS workflows with maximum efficiency. They are easy to expand, simpler to work on, and very convenient to expand and configure. 

Server Basket has the finest collection of high-quality PowerVaults. Get in touch with our team right away to buy these authentic and powerful Dell PowerVaults at the most cost-effective prices. Alongside, you can enjoy the added SB benefits that include installation and technical support whenever required, an iron-clad warranty, and super quick delivery with concealed packaging to any corner of India in less than three working days.

Simple and Affordable Storage Array 

These Dell PowerVault not only consolidate your data but also go easy on your pocket. They are simple to manage, control, and help you focus on work. Besides, you can buy them at the most affordable prices from Server Basket. 

Easy to Expand and Configure

Do you want to buy a flexible storage solution that can comply with your future storage needs? The Dell PowerVault series is extremely easy to expand and configure, making them the best fit for any app requiring extended storage capacity. 

Enhanced Hardware for Supreme Performance 

The Dell PowerVault comes with high-end hardware that includes dual-core Broadwell processors, hot-swappable controllers, numerous storage drives, fiber channels, and many more to deliver the ultimate performance and unerring productivity you deserve to carry out your workflows without any compromises.

Optimized for SAN and DAS Environments

PowerVault series is specially built and optimized for SAN and DAS exchanges which deliver high-value storage solutions for many businesses. As the PowerVaults support a wide range of storage drive types, they can ideally handle the SAN and DAS workflows. 

Simplified Data Management

If you are looking for an effective storage solution that offers you ease of management, Dell Powervault is what you’ll need. Its all-inclusive software allows you to easily deploy, configure, and manage all its resources to provide maximum efficiency. 

Guaranteed 100% Data Safety 

The powerful Dell PowerVaults are engineered with excellent ME series features such as remote replication, self-encrypting drives, virtual disk copies, and snapshots. These amazing features combined make an unbreakable security system that shields your data and files from accidental damage.

Quick Data Recovery with ADAPT Software

Do you often worry about data recovery? Then, switch to the Dell PowerVault as it is embedded with the Adapt software, which can identify and retrieve the critical data to quickly rebuild the array in the case of drive failure.

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