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Refurbished HP San Storages

HP SAN Storages


Do you need a high-performance refurbished storage device that can handle a variety of workloads? Then Server Basket has refurbished HP SAN storage models for you. The HP SAN storage is built for high quality and low latency at a price point that is suitable for moderate SAN applications.
Server Basket offers you the best possible HP SAN storage price in India and that too with free installation service. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you with the HP SAN storage configuration process step by step. We also offer you with HP SAN storage warranty check.
HP SAN storage comes with SSD, SAS, or SAS MDL drive technologies with upgradable options. It also has advanced features which include MSA health check, HPE MSA Snapshot Software, and Remote Replication over FC and iSCSI. Take on your data storage difficulties with an HP SAN storage system that is easy, quick, and incredibly economical.

High Performance Storage for Demanding Applications

HP SAN storage models come with a broad range of drives, including high-performance SSDs, enterprise-class SAS, and SAS midrange drives. Data on a single LUN(Logical Unit Number) can be shared across all discs in a pool using storage pools. When a system’s capacity is increased, the user benefits from the additional spindles’ performance.

Easy to Install, Use, and Maintain

Interacting with and utilizing the array has never been easier thanks to its perfect design. You can conveniently install, use and manage it. It has MSA Health Check, a cloud-based software to evaluate your system’s compliance with all known HPE best practices and deliver comprehensive next-step instructions to remedy any concerns in just a few simple actions.

Virtualized Snapshot Technology For Data Protection

By providing recovery points for your data and taking a “snapshot” of your data at a precise point in time, HPE MSA Snapshot Software allows better data security. Snapshots are then kept even if the data keeps changing. You can restore any prior snapshot in the event of a failure. Snapshots are an excellent addition to a tape or disc backup plan.

Remote Replication over FC and iSCSI

Remote replication is possible with HP SAN storage’s asynchronous replication technology. MSA’s fundamental Snapshot technology is used in this optional software. It has Ethernet (iSCSI) and Fiber Channel(FC) interconnects and offers customizable remote data protection options between two MSA arrays, allowing for local and/or distant recovery. Remote Snapshots can only be used on linear volumes.

Expandable Storage Capacity and IOPS Scalability

Their adaptability with SSD, SAS, or SAS MDL drive technologies, form factors, capacities, speeds, and prices per GB, these systems can readily fit into practically any budget. Their configurations are designed to allow an installation to begin with a smaller capacity and be able to grow gradually as needed. You can scale the input/output operations per second on all connected storage devices.

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