Cisco 76-ES+XC-40G3CXL Line card

 1,062,400.00 1,274,899.00 (-17%)

    • fully refurbished
    • model:Cisco 76 ES+XC-40G3CXL
    • High Densities upto 40 Gbps
    • 512 MB Boot Disk
    • Swift delivery
    • 30 days money return
    • AFree 24/7 Tech Support
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Are you looking to buy a completely refurbished, original and reliable Cisco 76-ES+XC-40G3CXL at an affordable price with a money-back guarantee?

Marked Down Price

Do you want an original Cisco 76-ES+XC-40G3CXL that is in excellent condition at the lowest possible price? We have marked down prices on all original, used Cisco 76-ES+XC to prices that cannot be matched by our competitors.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Every purchase of an original used Cisco 76-ES+XC-40G3CXL is completely safe for our customers because every sale comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Simply return any product you are unhappy with to us to take advantage of our money back guarantee.

Instant Delivery

Every purchase of the Cisco 76-ES+XC-40G3CXL is guaranteed for instant delivery. As soon as your order is received, we contact you to confirm the details of the transaction and verify the delivery details and then dispatch your order immediately.

Product Overview

Cisco is one the leading manufacturers of Line Cards and the Cisco 76-ES+XC-40G3CXL continues this tradition of high quality and reliability. It is capable of handling multiple layers on the same card and dual Gigabit ports on a single line card slot. It is unmatched in terms of Carrier Ethernet applications.

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