Dell 2TB 7.2K RPM SAS 12Gbps 3.5in Hard Drive

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  • Form Factor : 3.5 inch (LFF)
  • Storage Capacity : 2TB
  • Spindle Speed : 7.2K RPM
  • Hard Drive Interface : SAS
  • Data Transfer Rate : 12Gbps
  • Compatible Servers : R650, 740, R740XD, R750, R750XS, R7515
  • Compatible Part Numbers : 400-BEKN, 0GDM8H, 1HXF5, 400-ATJX
  • Free Remote Installation
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Is your system facing a storage outage? Ensure seamless business functioning with the Dell 2TB 7.2K RPM SAS 12Gbps 3.5in hard drive. It is a popular and economical storage option for enterprises. It is lighter, faster, and durable, and offers 100% data availability to users. The features include a speed of 7.2K RPM, 2TB space, fast data transfer rates of 12Gbps, and a rugged design with a SAS interface.

Server Basket has the best discounts on Dell 2TB SAS hard drives. Get hands on the offers to amp up your IT infrastructure. Our Dell hard drive is compatible with several server models like R740, R740XD, R640, R550, R540, R450, R440, R350, R340, R250, R240, etc. The part numbers available for this hard drive are C36WJ, 7KT9W, 400-ATJX, 1HXF5, 0GDM8H, and 400-BEKN. Check them on our website now!


Additional information

Form Factor

3.5in (LFF)

Storage Capacity


Spindle Speed

72000 RPM

Hard Drive Interface


Data Transfer Rate


Compatible Part Numbers

401-ABDR, 401-ABEU, HY7VD, KR3X7, 400-ALRB, 400-ASHS, 400-ASMU, 400-BTJX, 01HXF5, 684JT, 7RCGV, M0R6D, R0FM5, VH6FW, WM4W6, WM4WH, X2K8W, 0CFHG, 400-AXCX, 400-AXDH, 0VH6FW, 0WM4W6, 0X2K8W, 400-BBQS, 400-BBQT, 400-ASHP, 400-ATJY, 00CFHG, 400-AUZU, 0684JT, 07RCGV, 401-ABDL, 710G7, 400-ASKG, 400-ASMS, 400-ATJW, 0X3MPC, 400-ATJV, 1W7HY, 2350Y, 400-ASHW, 400-ATKH, 400-ATKI, 0KFJ7G, 0YMN53, 19TW1, 400-AWIT, 400-BEJM, 400-BEJR, 400-BEKH, 400-BEKI, DK7C9, KFJ7G, MKPMT, YMN53, 400-AURC, 0C36WJ, 0DCFPR, 400-AUUQ, 0FT7N, 0K7VW5, 0KC28, 0M7D8Y, 400-BBEQ, 0R7FKF, 0WYW03, 4FF6G, 1TNM1, 77Y3P, 400-25175, 400-AATI, 97HVG, 400-ABYY, 400-ACCM, 400-AEZJ, DCFPR, 400-AHLR, DD5J6, 400-AHLX, DWW1T, 400-AL0B, 400-ALOB, GDM8H, 400-ALQE, HC15J, 400-ALQT, K7VW5, 400-ALRR, KDNVK, 400-ALRZ, M7D8Y, 400-AMRO, 400-AMTO, 400-AMTR, 400-AMTZ, 01TNM1, 400-AMUE, 400-AOTV, 077Y3P, 400-ASMR, 7KT9W, C36WJ

Compatible Servers

C6420, C6525, R240, R250, R340, R350, R440, R450, R540, R550, R640, R6415, R650, R650XS, R6515, R6525, R740, R740XD, R740xd2, R7415, R7425, R750, R750XS, R7515, R7525, T350, T550, NX3240, NX440

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