FortiGate Voice 80C Firewalls

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  • 2x GE RJ45 ports
  • 7x FE ports
  • 32GB onboard storage
  • 6x switch ports
  • High network security
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on location

Order Now Latest Fortigate Voice 80C Firewalls Online Store At Lowest Cost India To Protect Data From Antivirus 


Are you getting serious threats often, and all your valuable data has been lost without any backup? Now your time to strike on sophisticated threats and advanced attacks by purchasing Fortigate Voice 80C Firewalls at the lowest price in India. We sell FortiGate series of servers for start-ups and newly opened companies at the cheapest price on discounts in every single purchase.

The new designed FortiGate Voice-80C offers an uninterrupted web filtering, low bandwidth, and uptime limited at low cost compared with any other dealers in India. Configure your server with the leading security solution which is suitable for all sized business purposes. The new fortinet FortiGate voice 80C has got advanced software as well as hardware with a user-friendly interface, easy to use, easy to manage, and you can install without any difficulty. Hurry! Grab the deal now.

Secure And Real-Time VoIP

To achieve high-quality real-time voice transmissions for FortiGate voice 80C firewalls, VoIP traffic requires priority over other types of traffic, minimal packet loss, and jitter buffers, which expand its presence in the Voice and Video-over-Internet Protocol that enables secure and real-time VoIP/ V2oIP.

SSL- Encrypted Traffic Inspection

SSL inspection is the key to protecting your network from high threats. To make sure that all SSL encrypted content is inspected; you must use full SSL inspection. It impersonates the recipient of the originating SSL session and decrypts/ inspects the content when full SSL inspection is used.

Enterprise Class Multi Threat Protection

Fortigate Voice 80C firmware Brings an enterprise class multi-threat protection, which offers an array of multi-threat security solutions that help businesses of all sizes meet their security challenges and enable a secure and clear communications environment.

WAN Costs Reduce By Enabling SIP Trucking

The WAN Optimization increases the network performance and reduces the amount of communication and data transmitted and communication between server and applications across a WAN enabling SIP trucking for integrated data and voice communications.

Integrated All In One Gateway.

Fortigate offers an integrated inbound and outbound Secure Email Gateway (SEG) which combines with a number of newer technologies- such as real-time inspection of URLs directly on the hardware along with sandboxing as a separate but integrated extension.

Hardware Costs For FortiGate

Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls Firmware consolidated security offers better protection at lower hardware cost, which offers to provide cost-effective, comprehensive protection against network, content, and application-level threats - including complex attacks favored by cyber criminal.

Low Price Guarantee

Are you looking for the best possible deal on the 80c firewall? We always offer you with the lowest price in the market compared to any other dealers in India. We guarantee you the lowest price which you can enjoy the excellent services such as instant shipping and best onsite warranty we offer.

Fortigate Voice 80C Next Generation Firewalls Price List:

Sr No.
User Support
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130 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 3 Years

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230 to 50

Fortigate Forti AP 221C - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 100E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 90D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 70D 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 60E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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Fortigate FG 50E 8x5 Bundle - 1 Year

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Fortigate FG 30E 8x5 Bundle - 3 Years

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