HP Smart Array RAID Controllers For HP Servers

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  • Internal Interfaces: SAS, SATA
  • Raid Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 & 60
  • Interface Support/ Speed: 6Gb/s SAS, SATA, 12Gb/s SAS, SATA
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 24×7 Support
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • Instant Shipping
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Buy HP Smart Array RAID Controllers For HP Servers Gen6, Gen7, Gen8, Gen9, Gen10 At Best Price. Protect Your Data With Stripping Technology & Encryption. One Year Warranty.

  • 10 Days Easy Return Back
  • Buyback Option Available
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Replacement Warranty
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Buy HP Smart Array RAID Controllers in India, Huge Collection for Gen6, Gen7, Gen8, Gen9, Gen10 Servers

If you want to provide encryption to your data and enhance the storage inside the server, then HP Smart Array RAID Controllers For HP Servers is the right choice for you. HP RAID controllers will improve the scalability of drives, data protection, and improves functionality, including RAID levels. Server Basket provides the different series of HP raid controllers that support various RAID levels. RAID cards will surely help your business by providing support in the form of data recovery, data encryption, and redundancy. Server Basket is providing ample services including, free delivery, 24/7 technical support, warranty, certified components, etc. for you to choose us.

Huge Collection for All HP Servers

HP Smart Array controllers increase the uptime and performance of your server. Smart array raid controllers such as P840, P440, P408i, B140i and many more supports a wide range of HP servers like HPE DL360 Gen9 Server, HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen9, HPE ProLiant ML 350, ProLiant BL460c Gen8, HP DL160 Gen8 server, HP ProLiant DL160 Gen8, and many other servers. We have a raid controller for any and every HP server you have.

Supports All Compatible Raid Levels

If you want to create arrays with logical drives, then you need to assign a RAID level which helps to store your data safely. HP Smart RAID controllers support all levels like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, etc. These various levels offer the best redundancy, performance, data storage to your business.

Choose from Various Interfaces

HP Raid controller allows you to use the required hard drive technology which suits your business needs. It offers all types of form factors and provides the choice of choosing from different interfaces like SAS 6Gbps and 6Gbps SATA HBA, which delivers high data bandwidth and reliability.

Any Series Available

HP Smart RAID Controller is available with the right mix of features including, reliability, and efficiency. Also, these controllers enhance HP SSA, allow simple upgrades, and available in any series like HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10, P542D, B120i, P841 controllers.

Improve Hard Disk Performance

The compatible HP Smart Array Raid controller performs write-back, read-ahead caching, and improves the performance of hard disks. The HP raid controllers help in the constant performance enhancement, whose measures include data rate and seek time of hard disks.

High Protection from Data Loss

HP Raid controllers help you in preventing disk failure, which increases data loss risk. These Raid controllers help to secure and provide the back up to your business data. HP controllers will offer techniques like storing the data in various hard disks, data redundancy, encryption, and ensures high data availability.

Great Offers on all Models

Server Basket is the best online retailer that distributes HP Raid Controllers at very reasonable prices. Compared to the other online retailers, we provide attractive discounts which make your investment extremely low.

Free Remote Assistance for Installation

Installing the server components in servers by following manufacturer guidelines will obtain maximum performance. As we are offering free installation support on HP Raid controllers, you need not worry about the installation procedure. Server Basket provides a proficient team that helps you set up the server and explain to you the guidelines.

Instant Delivery across India

Get your HP Array raid controllers securely at your doorstep, as Server Basket is providing free delivery all over India. We are offering instant shipping to every corner of the city that includes Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and even tier II towns such as Lucknow, Noida, Gurugram, Coimbatore, Vishakapatnam areas.

Assured Warranty

Server Basket assures a 1 year guarantee on HP Smart RAID Controllers and provides free service in this period. We ensure complete return back of server components if any damage or issue occurs. We provide 24/7 technical support by our expert team, who can help you in problems you are facing with raid controllers.

HP Smart Array RAID Controllers For HP Servers Price List:

TypeDescriptionSupported ServersPart NumberBuy Now
HPE Smart Array P830 Controller
HP DL580 Gen8 Server
698533-B21, 729637-001, 698551-001
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P408i-a SR Gen10
HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR Gen10 Controller
HP DL180 Gen10/DL 385 Gen10/DL380 Gen10/DL360 Gen10/DL20 Gen10/ML350 Gen10
871040-001, 869081-B21, 869103-001, 804331-B21
Buy Now
E208i-a SR
HPE Smart Array E208i-a SR Gen10
HP DL180 Dl160 Gen10/DL180 Gen10/DL 385 Gen10/DL380 Gen10/DL360 Gen10/DL20 Gen10/ML350 Gen10
804326-B21, 804329-001, 869079-B21
Buy Now
P408e-p SR Gen10
HPE Smart Array P408e-p SR Gen10 Controller
HP DL160 Gen10/DL180 Gen10/DL 385 Gen10/DL580 Gen10/DL560 Gen10/DL20 Gen10/ML350 Gen10
804405-B21, 836270-001
Buy Now
E208e-p SR Gen10
HPE Smart Array E208e-p SR Gen10
HP ProLiant DL160 Gen10/DL180 Gen10/DL385 Gen10/DL580 Gen10/DL560 Gen10/DL380 Gen10
Buy Now
HP Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller
HP ProLiant DL180 Gen9 ,DL120 Gen9,DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL160 Gen9, DL60 Gen9,
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P840 Controller
HP ProLiant DL180 Gen9,DL360 Gen9 ,DL80 Gen9,DL180 Gen9 ,ML110 Gen9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9
726897-B21, 761874-B21, 761880-001
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P440ar Controller
HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9,DL560 Gen9, ML350 Gen9
749796-001, 726736-B21
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P840ar Controller
HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9
848147-001, 813586-001, 843199-B21
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P431 Controller
HP ProLiant DL580 Gen9
698532-B21, 698531-B21, 729636-001,698549-001
Buy Now
HP Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller
HP ProLiant ML110 Gen9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9,BL460c Gen9,BL660c Gen9,WS460c Gen9
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P440 Controller
DL160 Gen9,DL180 Gen9 ,DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9,DL60 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,ML110 GML30 Gen9en9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9,
726821-B21, 749797-001, 749974-B21,749796-001,726736-B21
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P441 Controller
DL160 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL380 Gen9 Server,DL360 Gen9 ,DL60 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,ML110 Gen9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9
749798-001, 726825-B21
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