Adaptec Raid Cards

New Raid cards

Shop from the wide range of brand new RAID controllers/adapters/cards of all brands i.e., Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco at best price in India as of compared to any other dealers or distributors. User can upgrade server storage with latest and perfectly suited RAID cards to your required server model. We provide highly compatible RAID cards for your servers so that you need not worry about the working operation of your server. Our RAID controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 60 and 50. With each and every ordered RAID card, we offer 1 year standard manufacturer warranty and immediate shipping to any location across India without any location wise restrictions. These controllers offered by us are ideal for supporting the entire entire server as well as workstation applications. Without any wait anymore! Order required brand new RAID controller from ServerBasket at low price and acquire high benefits.

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