Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers Raid Cards for Sale in India

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  • Internal Interfaces: SAS, SATA
  • Raid Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 & 60
  • Interface Support/ Speed: 6Gb/s SAS, SATA 12Gb/s SAS, SATA
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 24×7 Support
  • Low Price Guarantee
  • Instant Shipping
  • Exclusive of Taxes
  • Shipping Charges depend on location

Buy Dell  RAID Controller For Dell Tower Servers In India At Sale Price, With 24/7 Tech support, Low Price Guarantee, One Year Warranty.


If you want to enhance the performance of your storage drives and create data redundancy, then opting for compatible Raid Cards for your Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers is an ideal choice. The ultimate goal of this raid controller is to increase availability, performance, scalability, and reliability. Dell RAID cards have various series which are authorized by Dell and support multiple RAID levels like RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, etc. It provides the optimum storage capacity, efficiency, and security to the data, which partially helps to meet your business growth.

Server Basket is providing an ample range of raid controllers that are suitable for various Dell tower servers. You can avail of the 24/7 support, remote installation support, and pre-sales help while choosing the best quality components and servers.

Full Range Supports Dell Tower Servers

Dell PowerEdge Raid controllers support different series in servers and help in enhancing the performance of servers. These Raid cards such as Perc H310, Perc H710P, H830, Perc HBA330, and many more support a wide range of tower servers like Dell PowerEdge T710, PowerEdge T640, Dell T330, Dell T420 Tower server, etc.

High Degree of Data Protection

The foremost benefit of using Dell PowerEdge RAID cards is, it provides data encryption and redundancy to your stored data. Dell Raid controllers support SED to protect the data and provide security keys to lock or unlock the encrypted data.

Upgrade Your Existing Raid Controller

If you want to increase the performance of hard drives and your server, then it is necessary to upgrade the existing raid controllers. Dell PowerEdge RAID cards will improve the performance and offer security to your stored business data. Keep yout IT infrastructure up to date and your data secured by using the latest compatible raid card.

Accelerate Hard Drive Performance

The PowerEdge Tower servers Raid cards will surely help to accelerate the performance of the hard disk. It allows optimal data access, increases the data transfer rate, reduces response time, balances writes, and reads. As it reduces the lag time and provides protection to your data, it helps the hard drives work efficiently.

Choose From Multiple Models

Server Basket provides Dell PowerEdge Raid controllers with an extensive range of Models on multiple levels. You can choose your model, series, and interface. We offer different models like Perc H310, Perc H710P, S140 (SW RAID), 6Gbps SAS HBA, etc.

Dell Authorized Raid Cards

Server Basket always ensures to provide the best-certified components for ultimate customer satisfaction. The low-cost PowerEdge tower server RAID cards are certified and approved by Dell. Also, Server Basket performs multiple testing before packing the components.

Talk to Sales Specialist

Server Basket provides prompt pre-sales support from experienced sales specialists. Our team of experts will understand your business need and helps you to choose the right raid card depending on your existing server and budget. We help you in troubleshooting and resolving the issues before and after installation.

Lowest Price for Any Raid Card

You can avail of any RAID controllers at extremely reasonable and affordable prices. We help you to choose the RAID level and series to meet your business requirements. Server Basket offers attractive and guaranteed discounts compared to the other retailers.

Available for Instant Delivery

Server Basket offers prompt and hassle-free delivery of Dell RAID controllers anywhere in India free of cost. We provide shipping to all the cities, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Noida, and other remote areas.

Eligible for Warranty

As Server Basket is confident about the quality, we assure 1-year warranty on Dell PowerEdge Raid Cards and other server components. You can claim for the return back if any damage or repair occurs. The tenure period will start from the date of purchase, and you can avail of free repair within the year.

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers Raid Cards Price List:

TypeDescriptionSupported ServersPart NumberBuy Now
Dell PowerEdge H310 RAID Controller
Dell PowerEdge T620/T420
3P0R3, 0HV52W, 69C8J, K09CJ
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H330 RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T130/T330/T630/
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H710 RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T620/T420
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H710P RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T620/T420
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H730 RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T130/T430/T630
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H730P RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T330/T430/T630/
T140/ T340/T440/ T640
3X31R, 0J14DC, X4TTX, J14DC,
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H740P RAID Controller
Dell PowerEdge T440/T640
GP6RN, 405-AAMX, 39M19

Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H810 RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T620/T420
VV648, 95N9N, 0NDD93, NDD93 
Buy Now
Dell PowerEdge H840 RAID ControllerDell PowerEdge T440/T640
19D8P, 405-AANN
Buy Now

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