HP Smart Array Raid Cards for HP Gen9 Rack Servers

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  • Internal Interfaces: SAS, SATA
  • Raid Levels: 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 & 60
  • Interface Support/ Speed: 6Gb/s SAS, SATA
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 24×7 Support
  • Low Price Guarantee
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Buy HP Smart Array RAID Controllers For HP Gen9 Servers At Best Price.protect Your Data With Stripping Technology & Encryption. One Year Warranty.

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  • Replacement Warranty
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Buy HP Smart Array Raid Cards for HP Gen9 Rack Servers

Do you wish to secure your business data from Disk corruption or unknown data access? Then buy HP Smart Array Raid Controller that combines the SCSI reliability with the performance benefits of the serial architecture keeping your data secure even in case of disk failure. Furthermore, these controllers provide a wide range of choices for your server and storage deployment. The smart array raid cards offer a return on investment and a higher level of flexibility.


Buy Smart Array Raid Cards that support almost all the HP Gen9 Rack Servers from Server Basket to get instant and free shipping with free remote installation assistance and 24/7 tech support.

All HP Gen9 Rack Servers Raid Cards for Sale:

All the HP Gen 9 servers support the raid cards such as P840, P440, P441, P346br, and many more are sold by Server Basket. Some of the Gen9 rack servers that support these raid controller cards include the HP DL 180 Gen9 server, HPE DL360 Gen9 rack server, HP DL380 Gen9 server, HP DL160 Gen9 server, HP DL 80 Gen 9 rack server, etc.

Unmatched Data Protection:

The HP smart array controllers provide unmatched data protection with industry-leading performance with the help of Data Striping technology. The requirements for data storage are rapidly increasing, simultaneously with regulations of the government for the protection of sensitive information. The HP smart array controller holds your data and keeps the server running while replacing a faulty drive.

Best Quality HP Smart Array Raid Controller:

Server Basket provides you the best quality and branded raid cards for your ever-increasing requirements at a lower price. The use of HP Raid controllers in your HP server usually gives more extended benefits. A big reason for being beneficial is the quality of the raid card that is used in a server is much higher along with the Smart Array Administration (SSA) technology that manages the data efficiently without any issue.

Better Use of Storage Drives:

HP smart array raid makes better usage of storage drives by employing the methods of disk striping or disk mirroring. The technique of mirroring duplicates identical data on more than a single drive. The storage space of each drive is strip partitioned into units.

Advanced Fault Prevention:

The HP smart array raid controllers come with advanced fault prevention features that detect the possibility of failure even before occurring and enable raid to take preventive action. The fault prevention features include S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) that detects the possibility of failure of hard disk, the Drive Parameter Tracking observes the operational parameters of the drive and predicts the failure, on the hard disk drives. The Dynamic Sector Repairing continuously conducts background surface scans during inactive periods, and it remaps bad sectors automatically, securing data integrity. The Smart Array Cache Tracking observes the uprightness of the cache of the controller, providing preventative maintenance for pre-failure.

All Models Readily Available:

We sell all the raid cards that support the HP Gen9 rack servers such as, HPE Smart Array P440ar raid controller, HP P830i raid card, HP P840ar, HPE P441, HP P431, etc.

Recovery from Drive Failures:

The fault recovery feature of the HP smart array controller provides a quick recovery from drive failure with the help of Recovery ROM that stores a copy of the firmware image to guard against the corruption of firmware image. In the event of failure, recovery of data starts with On-Line Spares, and the data is automatically reconstructed, DRAM ECC identifies and corrects the errors of the data bit.

Huge Discount, Great Savings:

You can avail huge discounts throughout the year for HP smart array raid controllers for gen9 rack servers on purchasing from Server Basket. Your startup can make significant savings on your purchases with us.

Fast and Safe Delivery in India:

We have a delivery service all over India, and if you are looking for an instant delivery option, here we are to provide you fast and safe delivery at your place. We offer free shipping to any place in India like Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Visakhapatnam, Noida, etc.

Best Assured Warranty:

At Server Basket, you can get an assured warranty of 1 year for the HP smart array raid cards. When you find any fault during this warranty period, let us know, and we start the process of a replacement for your smart array raid controller immediately.

HP Smart Array Raid Cards for HP Gen9 Rack Servers Price List:

TypeDescriptionSupported ServersPart NumberBuy Now
HP Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller
HP ProLiant DL180 Gen9 ,DL120 Gen9,DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL160 Gen9, DL60 Gen9,
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P840 Controller
HP ProLiant DL180 Gen9,DL360 Gen9 ,DL80 Gen9,DL180 Gen9 ,ML110 Gen9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9
726897-B21, 761874-B21, 761880-001
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P440ar Controller
HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9,DL560 Gen9, ML350 Gen9
749796-001, 726736-B21
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P840ar Controller
HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9
848147-001, 813586-001, 843199-B21
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P431 Controller
HP ProLiant DL580 Gen9
698532-B21, 698531-B21, 729636-001,698549-001
Buy Now
HP Dynamic Smart Array B140i Controller
HP ProLiant ML110 Gen9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9,BL460c Gen9,BL660c Gen9,WS460c Gen9
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P440 Controller
DL160 Gen9,DL180 Gen9 ,DL360 Gen9 ,DL380 Gen9,DL60 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,ML110 GML30 Gen9en9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9,
726821-B21, 749797-001, 749974-B21,749796-001,726736-B21
Buy Now
HPE Smart Array P441 Controller
DL160 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,DL80 Gen9,DL380 Gen9 Server,DL360 Gen9 ,DL60 Gen9,DL20 Gen9,ML110 Gen9,ML150 Gen9 ,ML350 Gen9,ML30 Gen9
749798-001, 726825-B21
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