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HPE DL180 Gen9 (860944-375) Rack Server

 157,062.00 164,999.00 (-5%)

    • FORM FACTOR – 2U Rack form factor
    • PROCESSOR – Intel® Xeon® E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-core/20MB/85W)
    • Configured RAM –HP 16GB DDR4
    • HDD : 1TB 6G SAS,7.2K (846524-B21 )
    • Storage Controller – HP H240 12Gb 2-ports Int Smart HBA, supports SAS/SATA/SSD Hard Disks
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • Easy Shipping Anywhere In India
    • 3 Years Seller Warranty
    • 24/7 expert support

Buy HPE DL180 Gen9 (860944-375) Rack server Online in India at lowest price with Complete Remote management, ship anywhere India, 3 yrs. seller warranty

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Looking for an ideal server with well-versed performance, durability, scalability and with reliable system units at the best disk top cost you can afford, here is an opportunity to grab. HPE ProLiant DL180 Gen9 E5-2620v4 LFF IN Svr/Prom: 860944-375 server procures you with all necessary amenities that differs in several ways from your previous workstation setup and can be easily deployed for either customized private usage or for small business or varying till large business.

Latest Dual Xeon V4 processor

HPE DL180 Gen9 servers have been designed for dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 (8 core, 2.1 GHz, 20MB, 85W) processors which are OS independent, since they are dual by nature they will function rapid a way compared to rest of the processors. Great processor speed is observed on a dual mode setup on the server, which extremely enhances the performance of the overall system.

Low Cost /high Storage Support

The HPE DL180 Generation9 Server provides high storage support and via reduces the fear of data loss. Opportunity through software specs are given a high priority on data protection and violation of data is been avoided. Server supports HPE Smart Drive technology, which improves storage service and prevents data loss with supporting features. All such exclusive features are given at a very low cost compared to other products.

Up to 1TB memory Support

Memory devices offers efficient output strength under increased load by providing a data holding system which permanently takes care of the data which is even scalable up to 1TB with programmable features, it assures to maintain performance issues in the working environment. With 1TB of memory, it consists of 8GB RDIMM memory standards, 16 DIMM memory slots, 1R x8 PC4-2400T-R memory types.

Handle High Data Storage

Servers here are designed for small business to large business. In a small business sector there will be less holding of data but in a large scale business sectors data storage is huge. Thus keeping this factor in mind, we are providing technical specs wherein it provides a vector to handle high data storage. We provide necessary speed and performance with the ability of hybrid cloud and software defined storage.

Complete Remote management

The UEFI is equipped with HPE Gen9 Server that ensures the safe working of servers with high-quality security using IT standard interfaces. The initial configuration of HPE is available on UEFI environment and ILO restful API. The HPE Gen9 Server supports UEFI between the operating system, system firmware, and various other components.

Genuine Part Numbers

Configurations and installations of the product are based on part number. It is the responsibility of the product sellers to furnish clients with the appropriate part numbers for the respective product purchased. HPE DL180 Gen9 servers persuade clients with a genuine part number for intended parts of the configuration system that is for sale. We here look after and give predominant prominence for the clients comfort and well-being.

3 Yrs Warranty

Even though the product delivered from our end is completely tested, we have a team, which is a support system works 24/7 for customer support in case of any issues faced by clients during the usage period of the product. Along with this, we provide a seller warranty of 3 yrs for the product that is purchased. Clients can get back to us any time within the suggested time duration if in case there is any discomfort in product functioning.

12 GBPS internal/External Raid

Data security is like a soul mate in business field! Maintaining the security of general assets, accounts, blogs etc, has the most important impact on the everyday business operation. Thus we have collated 12 GBPS internal or external RAID technology to ensure storage specs. It helps in deciding where to implement RAID technology and at which particular levels it has to be addressed to ensure RAID data protection.

Lowest Price Guaranty

All the products consist of genuine components. We offer the best available price compared to the other sellers in the market. The product is delivered in quick time to avoid any hassles.

Unlimited Options Available

We here provide you with unlimited options like batteries, cable kits, consoles, enterprise memory, expansion upgrades, management adapters, rack and power options, mounting kits and so on, Giving a product with complete well-built technically strong product is a great task. We are at a bottleneck in providing such benefits appropriate to client’s requirement.

Ship anywhere India

We are proud enough to say that we offer instant delivery on all products all over India. We ship anywhere in India free of cost. We have provided with an option where you can calculate your shipping and delivery dates. In addition, we take minimum working days of time to deliver the product to your address to the specified location all over India
HPE DL180 Gen9 (860944-375) Rack Server Pricing List:
    Basic Servers   Standard Server   Extortionate Server
ModelDL180 Gen9 ( 860944-375)DL180 Gen9 ( 860944-375)DL180 Gen9 ( 860944-375)
Form Factor2U 2P Rack Server2U 2P Rack Server2U 2P Rack Server
ProcessorIntel Xeon E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-core/20MB/85W)Intel Xeon E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-core/20MB/85W)Intel Xeon E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-core/20MB/85W)
MemoryHP 16GB DDR4 HP 2 x 16GB DDR4 (805349-B21 )HP 4 x 16GB DDR4 (805349-B21 )
Hard Drives1TB 6G SAS,7.2K (846524-B21 )1TB 6G SAS,7.2K (846524-B21 )1TB 6G SAS,7.2K (846524-B21 )
PriceRs. 1,57,062/-Rs. 1,73,399/-Rs. 2,05,999/-
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HP Proliant DL180 Gen9 Server Supporting Memory List:
Part NoDescriptionPriceBuy Now
805347-B21HP 1x8GB 1Rx8 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 9,499/-
805349-B21HP 1x16GB 1Rx4 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 16,599/-
836220-B21HP 1x16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 18,699/-
805351-B21HP 1x32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 Registered MemoryRs. 33,699/-
805353-B21HP 1x32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2400 Load Registered MemoryRs. 33,799/-
805358-B21HP 1x64GB 4Rx4 DDR4-2400 Load Registered MemoryRs. 69,899/-
726718-B21HP 1x8GB 1Rx4 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 10,199/-
726719-B21HP 1x16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 16,599/-
728629-B21HP 1x32GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 Registered MemoryRs. 37,899/-
726720-B21HP 1x16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 Load Reduced MemoryRs. 18,999/-
726722-B21HP 1x32GB 4Rx4 DDR4-2133 Load Reduced MemoryRs. 34,999/-
HP Proliant DL180 Gen9 Server Supporting Processors List:
Part NoDescriptionPriceBuy Now
801240-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2609v4 (1.7GHz/8-Core/20MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 34,999/-
801249-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2623v4 (2.6GHz/4-Core/10MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 46,499/-
801236-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2650v4 (2.2GHz/12-Core/30MB/105W) ProcessorRs. 1,15,599/-
733925-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2609v3 (1.9GHz/6-Core/15MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 36,099/-
733929-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2603v3 (1.6GHz/6-Core/15MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 27,799/-
733918-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 (2.4GHz/8-Core/20MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 72,699/-
733921-B21HP Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 (2.4GHz/6-Core/15MB/85W) ProcessorRs. 48,899/-
HP Proliant DL180 Gen9 Server Supporting Hard Drives List:
Part NoDescriptionPriceBuy Now
791034-B21HP 1.8TB 12G SAS 10K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 27,499/-
781518-B21HP 1.2TB 12G SAS 10K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 19,999/-
785069-B21HP 900GB 12G SAS 10K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 18,599/-
748387-B21HP 600GB 12G SAS 15K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 21,499/-
759212-B21HP 600GB 12G SAS 15K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 21,699/-
781516-B21HP 600GB 12G SAS 10K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 14,499/-
759210-B21HP 450GB 12G SAS 15K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 20,799/-
759208-B21HP 300GB 12G SAS 15K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 16,299/-
785067-B21HP 300GB 12G SAS 10K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 11,399/-
765466-B21HP 2TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 34,999/-
765464-B21HP 1TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 19,999/-
765424-B21HP 600GB 12G SAS 15K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 22,199/-
737394-B21HP 450GB 12G SAS 15K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 21,299/-
737261-B21HP 300GB 12G SAS 15K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 16,799/-
818367-B21HP 4TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 19,699/-
818365-B21HP 2TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 15,599/-
765455-B21HP 2TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 32,699/-
832514-B21HP 1TB 12G SAS 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 19,699/-
765453-B21HP 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 19,999/-
655710-B21HP 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 20,999/-
655708-B21HP 500GB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM SFF 2.5" Hard DriveRs. 15,499/-
765255-B21HP 6TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 28,499/-
753874-B21HP 6TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 37,299/-
793665-B21HP 4TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 18,699/-
658071-B21HP 500GB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Hard DriveRs. 9,999/-
801888-B21HP 4TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Non-hot Plug Hard DriveRs. 17,399/-
801884-B21HP 2TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Non-hot Plug Hard DriveRs. 12,999/-
801882-B21HP 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5" Non-hot Plug Hard DriveRs. 10,199/-
HP Proliant DL180 Gen9 Server Supporting Storage Controllers:
Part NoDescriptionPriceBuy Now
820834-B21HP Smart Array P440/2GBFBWC 12Gb SAS ControllerRs. 29,199/-
726821-B21HP Smart Array P440/4GBFBWC 12Gb SAS ControllerRs. 29,299/-
726897-B21HP Smart Array P840/4GBFBWC 12Gb SAS ControllerRs. 39,899/-
726825-B21HP Smart Array P441/4GBFBWC 12Gb SAS ControllerRs. 30,299/-
HP Proliant DL180 Gen9 Server Supporting Power Supplies List:
Part NoDescriptionPriceBuy Now
775595-B21HP 900W AC 240V DC Power ModuleRs. 8,499/-
814835-B21HP 900W AC 240V DC RPS Power BackplaneRs. 15,899/-
820792-B21HP 900W AC 240V DC Redundant Power SupplyRs. 30,999/-

Note: Exclusive of  Taxes & Shipping Charges are Extra

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Server Type

2U Rack


Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3, Intel Xeon E5-2600V4

No of Processors




Max Storage


RAID Controllers


Power Supply


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