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Do you need equipment to achieve expeditious communication between the components of your network infrastructure like switches, routers, cables, and other devices? Do you need devices for your network framework that can both receive and transmit data efficiently? A wide range of Small Form Factor Pluggable (SPF) fiber-optic modules or transceivers are available with Server Basket, which will facilitate the smooth conversion of your ethernet signals to optical signals for effective data transmission. These are mostly used with fiber optic or copper cables. Their small form factor makes them a perfect choice for spaces that are compact. We have both brand new and refurbished modules, and these are compatible with switches of all the leading brands. They are also suitable for fiber channel storage and 5G front haul. We have SFP optical transceivers and modules with RJ45 connector assembly also available with us. These modules deliver a higher transmission rate and come with provisions for need-based customization. Our SFP modules come with an assured replacement warranty and free installation assistance by our engineers. We ensure secure and fast delivery of your modules, no matter where you are located.

Wide Range of Modules for High-Speed Networking

We have a huge collection of SFP modules with varying speed capabilities. They enable high-speed networking supported by different single-mode or multimode wavelengths. Some of the SPF types available with us are – 10Gig (SFP+), 1000Base Gigabit, and 100Base, based on their speeds, and SX, ZX, LX, EX, etc. based on their wavelength. Most of the fiber SFP modules have a transmission speed of 1 Gigabit, but SPF+ modules have a higher transmission speed ranging from 10 to 25 Gigabit.

Compatible with Switches of Leading Brands

SFP module’s compatibility with the switch port and cable you use is important. Whether the module is SX, ZX, LX, or EX can help in determining the compatibility. SX module is multimode and short-wavelength of 850nm, whereas ZX, LX and EX are single-mode wavelengths of different capacities. So, if you are using a multimode cable, it will be compatible with GLC-SX-MM 1000BASE SFP, for example. Our SFP modules and transceivers are compatible with switches from all the leading brands.

Choose from Brand New and Refurb Modules

At Server Basket, we offer both brand new and refurbished SFP modules. You can choose to buy either of these according to your needs and budget. The new modules are of high quality, excellent in performance, and come from well-known brands. The branded refurb modules are equally good in performance as they have been rigorously tested for all parameters. They deliver value for your money and save considerably on your costs.

Suitable for Fiber Channel Storage & 5G Front Haul

SFP transceivers are suitable for fiber channel storage networks, wireless networks, and mobile 5G front haul. Being miniature in size and low at consuming power, they enable quicker transfers of huge volumes of data without losing it. They are perfect for linking fiber channel storage networks in data centers. They are more secure in terms of reducing attacks on the isolated storage area networks (SAN) or any data leakage from them.

Small Form Pluggable Optical Transceivers

SFP Optical Transceivers being compact and hot-swappable connectors provide immediate fiber connectivity for your networking framework. They can connect one network device to many fiber cable types and distances cost-efficiently. As a result, they reduce the need to maintain surplus network equipment inventory. They allow flexibility for one product to expand by distance and/or speed. They also make network upgrades easier as they are interchangeable and can adapt to any network in use.

Modules with RJ45 Connector Assembly

The SFP modules available with us come with RJ45 connector assembly, which is a widely used interface for connecting data and telecom equipment. RJ45 connector is most commonly used for ethernet networking. Ethernet cables also possess an RJ45 connector at each end. So, these SFP modules with RJ45 connector will give you good network connectivity and faster connections. They are a better option to use for short-distance data transmissions like data center LAN or server switching.

Multiple Options for Customized Requirements

We have SFP transceivers available in different specifications, and this allows us to help you customize your networking equipment to meet your specific requirements. These SFPs are hot-pluggable, so they make it easier for you to upgrade your network infrastructure also. SFP modules are interchangeable; they look the same and have the same size and so can fit smoothly into SFP as well as SFP+ ports. You get multiple options for your customized needs.

Excellent Transmission Rate

SFP modules deliver an excellent data transmission rate. Based on their specifications and the network infrastructure, they enable transmission for distances from 500 meters to 80 kilometers at transmission rates varying from 10 MBps to 40 GBps. Each SFP module has a laser that functions between the side that transmits called TX and the side that receives called RX. SFP transceivers are used in different industrial applications like high-definition audio transmission networks, point to point Networking, Metro access rings, etc.

Free Remote Installation Help

We offer free remote installation guidance for you so that your modules are installed and ready for use at the earliest. We have a dedicated support team that comprises qualified engineers who are available to assist you in any technical issues. Even if you face any issues during the installation process, you can contact our team through call, chat, or WhatsApp. They will promptly address your concern and resolve it within no time.

Assured Replacement Warranty

SFP modules from us come with an assured replacement warranty for both – new and the refurbished ones. We aim to supply only the best to you. We ensure that the refurbished modules are thoroughly checked, tested, and verified at different levels for their optimum quality and performance. In an infrequent chance where you might find that your modules are not functioning or are damaged, you can claim for an instant replacement within the duration of the warranty.

Quick Delivery with Multi-Level Packing

It does not matter from which place you order the SFP modules from us, and we guarantee their fast and secure delivery to you. We care for your ordered product and want it to reach you without any delay or damage. Your modules are packed in the best packaging material multiple times to keep them safe. We have partnerships with various shipping companies in all the cities, which helps us in timely deliveries of your ordered SFP modules.

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