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3Par San Storage

3Par San Storage


Do you want to advance or modernize the data center to handle the heavy storage workloads? The best and preferable option is to purchase 3PAR SAN Storage from Server Basket, which provides built-in automated features to ensure the high availability of applications with decreased network latency. The Storage SAN embeds a robust infrastructure that suits all business applications, ranging from small to large enterprises. It supports heavy storage capacities and delivers high-end performance for applications with reduced infrastructure costs. You can quickly process the demanding Storage works with efficacy and reliability. The multi-tenant security feature of 3PAR Storage assures data security against malware, viruses, or other hacking activities.
Additionally, it offers automatic backup systems to recover data when unexpected failures occur. The storage solutions enable scalability to upgrade the enterprise infrastructure according to storage needs without compromising accelerated performance. The heterogeneous network access could also be provided with the SAN systems.

Built-in Automated SAN Configuration Feature

The flash-optimized Storage of 3PAR Storage systems leverages the advanced design infrastructure that enables high availability and increased performance. The storage design includes a wide variety of solutions to ensure that it should be the right fit for your business. The automated configuration of 3PAR Storage comes with modernized flash storage that assures optimized performance and reduced latency.

Supports Most Rigorous On-demand Infrastructure

Does your enterprise require handling mixed environment business applications, including mid-range to large workloads? The infrastructure of 3PAR SAN supports running heavy and compute storage applications without any performance degradations. It offers a hybrid and flash environment, where the enterprises can consolidate the massive storage capabilities with the support of fiber channels and the hosting controller nodes.

Designed For Affordable Application Acceleration

The architecture of SAN StorageWorks integrates with storage solutions, such as networking, online, nearline storage systems, and other software storage for providing the entity that could be provided multiple storage features for accomplishing the versatile business needs. The reliability features ensure the high-end performance for any small or large enterprise applications while reducing the IT investment costs.

Data Protection with Multi-tenant Security

As any IT business is required to protect the business-critical data, files, and media, the SAN storage systems are embedded with advanced data protection systems that provide security against viruses, malware, or malicious activities. 3PAR storage provides efficient data backups in case of sudden disk failures or disasters and simplifies the management of business tasks.

Scalable Storage and Performance

3PAR Storage solutions are purpose-built for scalability, including mid-range to high enterprise applications. The scalable solutions of the storage systems allow upgrades to a higher level of enterprise infrastructure to meet the business requirements. The integrated technology of ‘thin built-in’ makes you scale the virtual machine density, and the Rapid RAID enhances the storage capacities according to the business sizes.

Flexible Network Options

3PAR Storage provides flexible network connectivity options that allow adding storage servers without any interruptions to the existing workflows. It assures improved network connectivity even for heterogeneous systems. The reliable and robust networks are built with the direct-attached SAN to the network. The centralized storage and network services can meet the increased storage demands.

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