Dell R230 Server Rental India

 11,000.00 13,000.00 (-15%)

  • Dell R230 server Rental in India
  • Server rentals at low price
  • Dell PowerEdge servers on rental/lease
  • FORM FACTOR – 1U Rack server
  • PROCESSOR – Intel® Xeon®E3-1220 v5(3.0GHz, 8MB/80W)
  • 4 DIMMS Slots, 1X8GB DDR4 Memory
  • upto 4 drives(3.5 inch) SATA
  • Bulletproof security
  • 1X inbuilt(250W) Power Supply
  • 24/7 expert support

Dell PowerEdge R230 1U ( 4LFF ) Rack Server for rent in India at the lowest price, servers for rent/lease/hire, available best server rental packages, shipping any location in India

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Powerful 1U Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeCPU'sStorageRAMPower Supply Price
Powerful-128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's6TB SSD with Raid 5128GBDual
  • Rs. 14,999/-
Powerful-256GB 36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's10TB SSD with Raid 5256GBDual
  • Rs. 24,999/-
Powerful-512GB 40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's12TB SSD with Raid 5512GB Dual
  • Rs. 34,499/-

Storage 2U Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeRAMCPU'sStorage Price
Storage 128GB 128GB 24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's18TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 12,499/-
Storage 256GB256GB36 core CPU / 72 vCPU's36TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 22,499/-
Storage 512GB 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's100 TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 42,499/-
Storage 128GB-1 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's40TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 44,499/-
Storage 256GB-2256GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's60TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 54,499/-
Storage 512GB-3 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU's80TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 74,499/-
Storage 128GB-4 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU's 400TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 84,499/-

GPU Rental Servers Pricing List:

Server TypeRAMCPU'sGPUPower SupplyStorage Price
GPU 128GB 128GB 24 Core CPU / 48 vCPU'sQuadro M4000 8GB Dual 18TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 14,499/-
GPU 256GB 256GB36 core CPU / 72 vCPU'sRTX M4000 8GB Dual 36TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 24,499/-
GPU 128GB-1 128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sQuadro M4000 8GB Dual 40TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 46,499/-
GPU 512GB 512GB40 core CPU / 80 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual 100 TB SAS with Raid 5
  • Rs. 52,499/-
GPU 256GB-1256GB24 core CPU/48 vCPU'sRTX M4000 8GB Dual 60TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 58,499/-
GPU 512GB-1512GB40 core CPU/80 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual 80TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 84,499/-
GPU 128GB-2128GB24 core CPU / 48 vCPU'sRTX 3090 24GB Dual400TB SSD with Raid 5
  • Rs. 94,499/-

The best customizable Dell R230 server at the lowest rental prices in India is now available at server basket, the most extensive server market online. Unique customers with unique needs meet us every day. We always try to offer fully customized different fits to every client. According to your project configurations and performance requirements, we customize Dell PowerEdge R230 server specs to match your budget range.

We do customized servers for any configurations and helps you to build servers at your own choice at your place. We effort our best to meet all your urgent requirements, saving your money on temporary rental services. We try our best to keep server rental costs competitive and within your budgetary needs. You can find no one in the IT Server market meeting our lowest rental prices. If you find any, please let us know, and we offer you at that price.

Why purchase new product or server for your temporary projects??? Choose our Dell R230 server rental services in India at low prices, customizable and pocket-friendly. Check out our website right now and choose one.

Accelerated Performance to Support Any Application

The PowerEdge R230 Server serves as a reliable first or replacement server for critical business applications in SMBs. It allows you to expand memory capacity to enhance performance of applications and enable them to respond faster. With the advanced Intel processors, it can accelerate computing performance across a broad range of applications. This Dell server supports all kinds of applications.

Improved Efficiency With Latest Intel Xeon Processors

Our Dell R230 server on rent supports the latest four-core Intel Xeon E3-1200 v6 processor family. It also offers flexible two-core processor alternatives including Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, or Intel Core i3. These processors enable improved overall efficiency and ensure quick response times of applications and faster data access. The performance of your business is in for an assured boost.

Dell OpenManage Console For Easy Monitoring

The server comes with Dell OpenManage systems management solutions that enable rapid and smooth server deployment. The OpenManage management console brings with it new technology solutions which help in simplifying and automating the management tasks. The intuitive OpenManage Essentials console allows easy monitoring of the system’s health. Your IT operations are cost-effective and efficient during the entire server life cycle.

Abundant Memory & Innovative Storage Solutions

The R230 server offers a higher memory capacity, and supports DDR4 UDIMM type memory with a speed of up to 2400MT/s. The four DIMM slots allow expansion of RAM to gain up to 64 GB memory capacity. With support for 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA, nearline, and SAS hard drives, this server boosts application performance and makes the response times speedier.

Best Rental Prices on All Configurations And Plans

Our Dell R230 server price is the best in the market. Our rental plans, irrespective of diverse plans and configurations, are affordable. Apart from the preconfigured servers, we also allow you to choose your server specifications as per your business needs. We can customize the configuration plan of your server. Either way, it will not hurt your pocket.

100% Secure & Express Shipping Services

Our shipping services are fast and reliable. We have the best shipping partners who help us deliver your servers anywhere in India. We ensure your server is securely packed with the best packaging material, and safely delivered to you within 2-3 days of your placing the order with us. Our Dell R230 server rental India program guarantees you on-time delivery.

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Why should I choose server rental from Server Basket?

Dell R230 server rental India is among the best rental programs we have. Server Basket is an established name in the server market. We offer high quality, genuine and best performing servers that boost your business performance to the top level.

How Do I Setup a Dell R230 server? Will you offer any support?

The PowerEdge R230 server is easy to install, and comes with an installation guide as well. However, we offer complete support to help you with the server setup and configuration. You can contact our support team for this.

Are there any extra charges for the installation support I utilize for my Dell R230 Server?

We offer free remote installation support for the Dell R230 server on rent. If you are not able to set up your server, you can get in touch with our support team. They will help you remotely.

What kind of security features do I get if I rent a Dell R230 Server from Server Basket?

Dell R230 server has some security features inbuilt, and some can be added as per your requirements. We have strong security tools available, such as firewalls, anti-virus packages, IDS, and IPS systems that protect against any kind of cyber-attacks.

Is my data safe? And will my data be backed up?

Yes, your data is completely safe when you use this Dell server. You get multiple options for your data backup. We offer local as well as remote backup options. You can also schedule automated backups for different durations.

If I pre-order now, when can I expect my server?

We make timely deliveries of servers to our customers located all over India. We ensure your server reaches you within 2-3 days of your placing the order with us. If you pre-order now, your server reaches you in the next 2 days.

Do I get 24/7 technical support? What is your response time?

Yes, we offer 24/7 technical support for our customers. We have a dedicated team of experts who are available to assist you anytime you have any technical issues. They respond immediately to your concerns and resolve your issues at the earliest.

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