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GPU Dedicated Server Plans In India:

Plan IDProcessorRAMStorageGPUPrice/MonthBuy Now
VLSIDS-12 x E5-2680 v3128GB3 x 1.92TB SSDRs. 18,499/-
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VLSIDS-22 x E5-2680 v3256GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 1.92TB SSDRs. 21,499/-
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VLSIDS-32 x E5-2680 v3256GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 1.92TB SSDRTX 4000Rs. 31,999/-
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VLSIDS-42 x E5-2696 v3384GB2 x 500GB SSD / 3 x 1.92TB SSDRTX 4000Rs. 34,999/-
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VLSIDS-52 x E5-2696 v4384GB2 x 500GB SSD / 4 x 1.92TB SSDRTX 4000Rs. 39,999/-
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VLSIDS-62 x E5-2696 v4512GB2 x 500GB SSD / 4 x 1.92TB SSDRTX A5000Rs. 49,999/-
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Need Help? Chat with our product experts to configure the server as per your exact requirement.

GPU Dedicated Server

Does your business depend majorly on applications that need high computing power and low task completion time? Do you require dedicated servers that deliver better performance than the standard CPU based servers? As the demands of new business solutions increasingly grow, you need the power of GPU dedicated servers. At Server Basket, you will get powerful GPU dedicated servers built with high-end GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD, are highly customizable and can be readily deployed. We have a huge stock of high-performing dedicated hardware options for RAM, CPUs, storage and chassis. You can get your GPU server customized based on the demands of your business. These servers are the best for 3D rendering, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and applications for virtualization, big data, gaming and video streaming, etc. Our GPU server framework includes redundant components to provide maximum availability and continuity of your business functions and applications. 

We assure the high security of your business data. Our servers are located in the best-in-class data centers, which guarantee you unlimited bandwidth and 100% uptime for the servers. Our expert support team ensures that you get complete assistance in setting up your servers along with free migration support.

dedicated hardware with high performance

Dedicated Hardware with High Performance

Server Basket ensures that your GPU server is built with dedicated hardware components which are high in performance and suitable for the requirements of your business. The hardware we use is brand-new with authentic and high-quality branded parts. These servers have the best processors, storage, memory, operating systems and softwares, and to top it all; they leverage the power of high-end NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards. We also offer replacement of components in case of any faulty condition.

Best choice for 3D Rendering, AI and Virtualization

These dedicated GPU servers are more powerful than the standard CPU based servers. CPUs give you a limited number of cores; however, GPUs have hundreds of small cores that work together to provide 50-100 times more power than CPUs. That is why specialized GPU servers are the best choice for the most creatively challenging operations like graphic design and 3D rendering, and virtualization, AI, etc.

Custom Configurations for Demanding Workloads

If your organization deals with intensive workloads that require high-performance computing (HPC), GPU servers will provide you the maximum performance needed for the demanding workloads like big data analytics, AI training, technical studies, scientific calculations and deep learning. We will design and tailor-make your GPU server to ideally suit your business needs. Our solutions experts will discuss your workload and design the perfect configuration of the GPU server system to match your requirements exactly.

Redundant Infrastructure with 100% Uptime

Our GPU server solutions come with the best SLA that includes maintaining a 100% uptime, redundant infrastructure and superior network connectivity. Our servers are located in advanced data centers equipped with high-tech network and hardware components. They have redundant systems in place to back up the primary resources in case of any failure. We use automatic route optimization softwares so that your systems get the best network connectivity and availability. We take complete responsibility for your business continuity.
Custom Configurations
Custom Configurations For Demanding Workloads

Enhanced Security with Unlimited Bandwidth

Our GPU servers come with enhanced security for your data and applications. Different advanced security features come built-in as a standard like configurable firewalls, anti-viruses, IDS, IPS and DDoS protection against many prevailing cyber threats. Security updates are performed regularly by our security experts. We do not ever utilize the full capacity of our core network so that you receive unlimited bandwidth for your web-based tasks and applications and a consistent server hosting service.

Free Setup & Full Migration Support

We have a dedicated support team of experienced technicians available to assist you 24/7 for free, so rest assured that we are always there to help you, even in the middle of an emergency. Our team is prompt in responding and will help you in the quick configuration and set up of your GPU servers so that they are ready to take on your workload. In case you migrate from some other hosting provider, we offer full migration support also.

Benefits with Server Basket

We understand the importance of your business needs and continuity. We wouldn't want any disturbances in your daily operations and app performances. Our customized hosting involves deployment of redundant servers to provide you the benefits of backups, availability during maintenance and for load balancing. Redundant servers use all resources in the same way but stay offline till they are needed as live servers. Our solution is built to remove any roadblocks in the way of your continuous business operations.
Expert Technical Support

24/7 Management Service

100% Uptime Assurance

100% Uptime Assurance

Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Bandwidth

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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Vignes somi

    I give a thumbs-up to ServerBasket for their GPU dedicated server hosting. Their team excels at handling emergencies and managing services. With their superb support whenever needed, my server runs without a hitch.

  2. 07

    by Akshara Prabhu

    I really like my dedicated server from ServerBasket. Their support team is on-call all the time, and they helped me fix and restore my VMs, websites, and backups often. I suggest ServerBasket if you need budget-friendly and dependable GPU server hosting.

  3. 07

    by Raman Kumar

    ServerBasket’s GPU dedicated hosting services are professional and reliable. Their 30-day trial let me explore the firmware and adjust my preferences for my OS. Continuous support from their expert team made for excellent uptime and performance.

  4. 07

    by Vineet Mishra

    ServerBasket’s GPU dedicated server hosting was better than what I had in mind. It was cost-effective because of the free setup and a lower price/performance ratio. I highly recommend ServerBasket!

  5. 07

    by Joey Lin

    If you are looking for GPU Dedicated server hosting with incredible managed services, then look no further than ServerBasket! Their technical support team always helped me to resolve issues. It has been a wonderful experience with ServerBasket.

  6. 07

    by Jeevan

    Full migration support was provided, from server setup, migration, and new configuration. This company handled it all without overcharging us. Comparable to other host providers we were able to get things done quickly and function better with this server.

  7. 07

    by Kabir

    This dedicated GPU server hosting comes with built-in security options with firewalls and antivirus. We also chose the server monitoring and maintenance feature that provides us with real-time threat alerts, and monitors are performance.


Is a dedicated GPU server necessary for graphics-intensive tasks?

Yes, for graphics-heavy tasks like 3D modeling, video editing, gaming, scientific research, image recognition, language processing, and IoT, a dedicated GPU server delivers way faster speeds compared to relying on a CPU alone. GPUs perform parallel processing, ideal for the repetitive calculations needed for rendering and AI model training. We recommend a dedicated GPU server for maximum performance of graphics workloads.

What performance advantages can a dedicated GPU offer for my server?

 A dedicated GPU turbocharges your server for rendering, encoding, AI, and visualization duties. GPUs are made to handle parallel processing efficiently, perfect for graphics and math-intensive workloads. With a dedicated GPU, your server finishes these tasks much quicker versus using only a CPU. GPU computing brings faster execution of complex tasks, ease of scalability, seamless graphics rendering, HPC, etc. to your fingertips with cost benefit.

How do I choose the best GPU server for my needs?

Consider the types of applications and workloads the server will run when choosing the best GPU server. Analyze GPU memory, cores, power, FP32 performance, and benchmarks. Our team can recommend the optimal GPU server configuration based on your performance requirements.

For which workloads are the GPU-dedicated servers recommended?

GPU-dedicated servers are recommended for graphics and compute-intensive workloads like 3D modeling/rendering, video editing, game hosting, visualization, machine learning, scientific computing, financial analysis, seismic processing, molecular modeling, weather simulation, physics simulations, and more. The massive parallel processing power of GPUs substantially accelerates these applications compared to traditional CPU servers.

Can I customize the hardware configurations of the dedicated GPU server?

Yes, we craft customized GPU servers that align with your needs. Choose your ideal processor, RAM size, storage, GPU variants, network options, and other hardware while ordering. We provide suggestions for configurations ideal for your intended workloads and applications.

What happens if my GPU dedicated server experiences a hardware failure?

If your dedicated GPU server has hardware troubles, our technicians will try to diagnose and repair it. If that's not possible, we'll migrate your server to new hardware minimizing downtime. Your data is backed up regularly, so nothing gets lost while migrating. Our GPU Dedicated server keeps you immune to downtime, data and financial losses caused by power surges, hardware component failures (storage, memory, NICs, RAID, etc.), natural disasters, etc.

How much uptime can I expect from my dedicated GPU server?

You can expect an uptime of 99.995% from your dedicated GPU server. We utilize enterprise-grade hardware and maintain continuous monitoring to maximize reliability. Scheduled maintenance is coordinated to minimize disruption to your services. Reach us if you experience any extended downtime.

How do you ensure the security of my data and applications on the GPU server?

Our GPU servers have enhanced security like customizable firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention, and DDoS protection against cyberattacks such as IP Null, ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, Fraggle attack, DNS flood, Ping of death, Volumetric attacks, and so on. Our security team regularly updates and patches. We do not tap your network bandwidth, so you get maximum capacity for tasks and steady server speeds.

How quickly can I get my dedicated GPU server up and running?

Your dedicated GPU server can be deployed immediately after you receive it. With a fast setup process, your GPU server is online in less than 60 minutes. Start using a dedicated GPU server immediately for graphics and high computing without waiting.

How do you handle network issues that may arise and impact the server connectivity?

Our networking team monitors devices 24/7 to rapidly find and fix any network problems and keep servers connected resolving issues like outdated firmware, weak firewalls, glitches in security protocols, compromised passwords, etc. We utilize robust enterprise network hardware with redundancy everywhere, so customers rarely see network failures disrupting the GPU servers.

Do you offer any data backup and recovery solutions for dedicated GPU servers?

Yes, we offer automated daily backups on all dedicated GPU servers to prevent data loss. Full system snapshots allow quick rollback if issues arise. Contact us for details on our backup and recovery options.

Are there additional fees associated with migrating to a dedicated GPU server?

There are no extra charges to move your current server to a new dedicated GPU server. Our team takes care of the move for you at no cost. Upgrade to a dedicated GPU server easily without any trouble. Our GPU dedicated server hosting plan avails you of esteemed data migration tools such as Stitch, Matilion, Talend, IRI NextFOrm, AWS data migration, IO, EMC Rainfinity, etc.

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