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Do you want your graphics cards to run efficiently and not face any interruptions in the power supply? Do you need strong power cables for your graphics processing unit (GPUs) to function correctly? At Server Basket, we offer a variety of branded and effective GPU power cables. For a graphics card to run smoothly, it needs to be connected to the Power Supply Unit (PSU) of your system. However, high-end graphics cards used for simulation, rendering, gaming, etc., require extra power supply, like through the PCI-E power cables. GPUs need separate cables with high power to perform optimally. The GPU cables available with us are compatible with graphics cards from most of the brands and can effectively connect your power-packed GPUs to different servers and workstations. These cables are the best in stability and efficiency and are suitable for creating GPU based servers. We also offer free remote support to assist you with any issues and a convenient return option in case of any failure or damage. Server Basket delivers these cables all over India, using the fastest means to transport them to you in the shortest duration.

Multiple Varieties Of GPU Cable Options

We have different types of GPU cables from multiple brands available with us. Usually, the PCI Express (PCIe) x16 connector is used to connect the graphics card with a motherboard. This connector has limited pins that allow less power to pass through the motherboard. GPU cables are helpful here. You can use a 6-pin and a 2-pin PCIe connector to make it an 8-pin connector. Advanced graphics cards have 8-pin or even more power connectors to connect the GPU cables.

Connect Powerful GPUs To Servers & Workstations

GPU cables enable you to connect advanced and powerful GPUs to your workstations and servers and provide you the best graphics experience. If your business or workload involves high-end graphics, 3D, or rendering work, you need to use the most advanced GPUs. Your systems, whether server or a workstation, can give you the next gen graphics performance as GPU cables cater to that need by effortlessly connecting the high-performing GPUs to your machines.

Compatible With Leading Brands Graphic Cards

These GPU power cables are compatible with most of the popular brands of graphics cards. Different GPUs need different connectors – 6-pin or 8-pin to connect the GPU cables to motherboards of the systems. Some GPUs might not need any power connector. The size of the connector and the number of cables a GPU needs depends on how much power it needs. The more is power needed by a GPU, the bigger the connector needs to be.

Highly Efficient Power Cables

The GPU cables that we sell are from good brands and high in quality and performance. They are highly efficient in connecting the most powerful GPUs to different machines and enabling uninterrupted data transfer between the GPUs and the motherboards. They ensure that the GPUs receive optimum power supply from the PSUs, and their performance is always at the desired level. GPU cables are responsible for efficient functioning of the GPUs and allow them to supply the best graphics output.

Suitable For Designing GPU Optimized Servers

By making accurate and result-oriented connections between GPUs and systems, the GPU cables are very suitable for designing GPU optimized servers. GPU servers are crucial in transforming modern-day organizations as they enable artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), deep learning (DL), and machine learning (ML) because of their almost limitless possibilities of configuration. GPU servers can be easily custom-built depending upon your business requirements, and GPU cables play a vital role in providing good connections.

Free Remote Support

We, at Server Basket, ensure that we provide you the products and service that enhances your business productivity and efficiency. Continuity of your business operations is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we offer free remote support to assist you in installing and setting up the product you buy from us and resolve all of your technical issues. You can contact our support team anytime via different channels if you face any issues with the functioning of GPU cables.

Hassle-Free Return Back Option

We always ensure that the GPU cables you receive from us are of the best quality and in good condition. However, if you find them damaged, faulty, or not operational, you can return them to us without any hassles. You can let us know about the issues you are facing with the GPU cables; our support team will first try to resolve the issue if possible. Otherwise, you do have the option to return the cables that are not functioning.

Prompt Delivery Throughout India

We understand the value of your business and time; we know that you need the ordered products at the earliest to continue your business. That’s why we are committed to delivering your GPU cables in the shortest time possible. We have associations with some of the best shipping companies across India so that we can promptly deliver your order at any location all over India.

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