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Looking to upgrade your IBM server with added memory? We offer you compatible IBM server memory to boost up your server performance. Our price list includes 46W0833, 46W0825, 46W0835, 46W0821, 46W0829, 46W0821, etc., server memory models. We have a wide range of configuration modules, with memory from various brands. We promise to offer 100% genuine server memory modules at lowest prices and along with long-term technical assistance. Order server memory at server basket to enjoy free shipping service.

Ready for any Configuration Choice

We are leading IBM server memory providers for your IBM servers for any requested or specific configuration range. Our price list includes server memory of various types such as RDIMM, UDIMM, FBDIMM, LRDIMM form factors, memory speeds DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and even memory capacities from 8GB to 128GB along with market prices. We promise to offer 100% compatible server memory to any of your IBM server models.

Server Modules Brands

Usually, IBM OEM memory modules are expensive and most of the times it's over the budget for many IT organizations. So, we offer you an opportunity to choose server memory modules manufactured by Samsung, Micron, and SK Hynix, even though the label is IBM. They are exactly genuine modules, the same exact RAM, which IBM installs in servers at the factory. With this branded part, you get original IBM modules at less than 50% market price.

Lowest Price

We offer affordable IBM server memory price list to suit all your business server needs, either start-ups or SMEs or large enterprise servers. We assist you to manage your IT assets by upgrading your server offering the most cost-effective solution. With the help of our price lists compare our IBM server memory prices with other vendors and with different models and brands. You will surely know that you can save money shopping at server basket with a lot of confidence.

Easy Buyback Policy

Amazing buyback policy for all IBM server memory modules is available at server-based offering an easy money recovery opportunity by selling your old memory. If you have plenty of excess memory occupying your room space at your office or unused memory lying waste, don’t simply leave them. Contact our support team and tell in detail about your memory specifications and brand. Our team will verify and offer you buy back quote.

Grade A Quality IBM Server Memory

We offer fully tested and certified IBM server Memory to maintain Grade A quality services. All the IBM server memory modules mentioned on the price list are 100% tested by the expert professional certified team to offer reliable and error-free services to maximize your server performance. No worries about fake memory modules sold by many vendors online. You can trust server basket on quality branding platform, we promise to offer high-quality memory modules to boost up your server.

Expert Technical Support

We provide you 24/7 customer support team to resolve any of your issues related to server memory performance. If you have a question about your IBM memory upgrade. You can contact our team via live chat or phone and get details. They help you to get the world's best memory module to support your server. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve you. You can also contact expert customer support team in case of server memory failure. We offer support even after purchase, we ship your replacement product immediately.

Free Delivery

Free on time delivery of all your ordered Server memory is done with ease by server basket. Usually, on-time delivery is quite challenging, but server basket made it possible. We deliver anywhere across India, i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore etc. we promise on-time free delivery even to the remotest area of all the cities. All our delivery transporters are quite trusted for their service and quality. They reach you within 2-3 business days safe and securely.

IBM Server Memory Price List:

CapacityModule DescriptionPart NumberPriceBuy Now
8GBThinkServer 8GB/2RX8/PC4-2133-E/CL15/DDR4-2133/ECC-UDIMM4X70G88331Rs. 11,699/-
16GBThinkServer 16GB/2RX8/PC4-2133-E/CL15/DDR4-2133/ECC-UDIMM4X70G88332Rs. 19,699/-
4GBThinkServer 4GB/DDR3L-1600MHz/(1Rx8)/ECC/UDIMM0C19499Rs. 8,299/-
16GBThinkServer 16GB/DDR4-2133MHz/(2Rx4)/RDIMM4X70F28590Rs. 19,199/-
8GBThinkServer 8GB/2RX8/PC4-2133-E/CL15/DDR4-2133/ECC-UDIMM4X70G88316Rs. 7,799/-
16GBThinkServer 16GB/2RX8/PC4-2133-E/CL15/DDR4-2133/ECC-UDIMM4X70G88317Rs. 14,599/-
8GBLenovo ThinkServer 8GB/DDR4-2400MHz/(1Rx4)/RDIMM4X70G88318Rs. 7,799/-
16GBLenovo ThinkServer 16GB/DDR4-2400MHz/(2Rx4)/RDIMM4X70G88319Rs. 14,599/-
32GBLenovo ThinkServer 32GB/DDR4-2400MHz/(2Rx4)/RDIMM4X70G88320Rs. 33,199/-
4GB 4GB (1x4GB, 2Rx8, 1.35V)/PC3L-12800/CL11/ECC/DDR3/
00D5012Rs. 7,599/-
8GB8GB/(1x8GB, 2Rx8, 1.35V)/PC3L-12800/CL11/ECC/DDR3/
00D5016Rs. 12,499/-
16GB16GB/TruDDR4 Memory/(2Rx4, 1.2V)/PC4-17000/CL15/2133MHz/
46W0796Rs. 19,399/-
32GB32GB/TruDDR4 Memory/(2Rx4, 1.2V)/PC4-17000/CL15/2133MHz/
95Y4808Rs. 33,199/-
8GB8GB TruDDR4 Memory/(2Rx8, 1.2V)/PC4-19200/CL17/2400MHz/
46W0825Rs. 10,599/-
32GB32GB TruDDR4 Memory/(2Rx4, 1.2V)/PC4-19200/CL17/2400MHz/
46W0833Rs. 33,199/-
16GB16GB TruDDR4 Memory/(2Rx4, 1.2V)/PC4-19200/CL17/2400MHz/
46W0829Rs. 14,599/-

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