Refurbished Dell PowerVault Storage

Refurbished dell Powevault Storage

Are you facing errors in storage space when handling heavy computing enterprise applications? Then, prefer the Dell PowerVault storage array, an ideal option for entry-level DAS or SAN workloads. At Server Basket, we provide the Dell PowerVault at reasonable prices without compromising quality and performance. The storage systems ensure optimized outputs for SAN workloads and give storage expansion flexibility. They provide data security through advanced technologies, like snapshots and virtual disk copy, and recover it whenever you need. It’s easier to install and make the configurations simply for optimum utilization of resources. Our Dell storage solution delivers increased productivity with reduced server downtimes. It accelerates the application performance with the embedded virtualization technology. Dell storage systems support different operating systems to allow running all applications and managing the operations efficiently at higher data transfer speeds. These PowerVault series arrays are suitable for HPC, VDI, and other data applications.

Optimized for Entry-Level SAN and DAS Environments

Dell PowerVault provides the optimized performance for DAS and SAN virtualized workloads by addressing the challenges of server capacity expansion. It offers flexible and scalable features to meet the business demands while ensuring higher speed and reliable data access for all applications. You will allow connecting the PowerEdge servers over SAS and SAN storage to fulfil the specific needs.

Data Protection and Recovery

With our Dell storage array solutions, you can keep the business-critical safe and secure from unauthorized access. They integrate with snapshots, virtual disk copy, remote replication, and self-encrypting drives to protect the data dynamically by distributing it across multiple drives. The ADAPT software will automatically recover or backup the data to avoid data loss in the drive failure events.

Simple to Install and Configure

Dell PowerVault series features simplified tasks, like configuration, installation, and serviceability, to manage IT resources efficiently. It gives the flexibility of easier configuration and installation through the intuitive interface and all-inclusive software. Additionally, the storage solution allows you to configure SAS or DAS, hybrid or flash, and mix SSD and HDD drives. The built-in compatibilities manage the tasks efficiently.

Reduce Downtime and Improve Productivity

Dell storage systems assure reliable and improved performance with minimized downtime for all business applications, including virtualization and computing workloads. They drive higher application performance and flexible connectivity with excellent networking latency and bandwidth. Our storage systems ensure operational efficiencies and deliver optimum performance with the appropriate disk utilization that results in business continuity and efficacy.

Integrated Virtualization Technology

Does your enterprise require you to fulfill the virtualization needs? You can deploy Dell PowerVault systems at your data centre and enjoy the benefits of optimized storage. As the storage arrays integrate with the VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-v and vCenter SRM technologies, they deliver increased performance and data availability across the virtualization applications that simplify the data management.

Support Multiple Operating Systems

Dell PowerVault is compatible with various operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, etc. It makes the systems provide a suitable and convenient platform for processing business applications. Additionally, the PowerVault manages the software and hardware resources at optimum states and ensures effective business outcomes even under heavy workloads leading to enhanced performance.

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